City Super Group introduces new measures for sub-brands to promote environmental conservation

by Anna Munhin Jun 2, 2023 News
City Super Group introduces new measures for sub-brands to promote environmental conservation

In support of this year's World Environment Day theme "Beat Plastic Pollution", City Super Group is introducing a new series of measures to be implemented in stages.

The initiative will see the group's subsidiary brands such as city' super, LOG-ON, Little Mermaid implementing new measures, including the introduction of eco-friendly paper shopping bags as an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

citysuper green bags

New ECO stations will collect polystyrene and facilitate the reuse of paper box packaging. According to the release, these efforts are expected to achieve an estimated reduction of over 1.5 million pieces of plastic products annually. WWF- Hong Kong will receive a portion of the proceeds from these measures.


The sustainable choices products have been increased to 8000.

While "Say No to Plastic" is the first phase of the company's commitment to advocating environmental protection, City Super Group will launch a new ESG website at the econd phase.

According to the release, the group is committed to inspiring a better lifestyle in customers. In addition to its efforts to reduce plastic and other waste, it has implemented a number of green policies, including carbon reduction and energy saving, supporting local agriculture, promoting low-carbon diet, the purchase of eco-friendly seafood, and supporting the eco-

The City Super Group has been reached out to by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE.

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