Morey Creative Studios Rebrands as Hypha Development, Unveils Expanded HubSpot Services

by Anna Munhin Jun 1, 2023 News
Morey Creative Studios Rebrands as Hypha Development, Unveils Expanded HubSpot Services

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In response to evolving industry trends and societal shifts, Morey Creative Studios, a leading HubSpot partner agency, is excited to announce a new name. The company's trajectory for the coming decade and beyond will be changed by three innovative service offerings.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen three distinct trends change the landscape around us: the increasing importance of alignment across a company's tech stack, greater awareness around non-financial metrics as a measure of corporate success, and the rise and improved utility of artificial intelligence

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"As a company guided by its 'Grow For Good' motto, the changes we are announcing today reflect our view that these trends are going to redefine the business world as we know it over the next decade and beyond," he said. We can help our clients to survive and thrive in this emerging environment.

Integrations & Implementations

The platform's move toward the enterprise sector has created an opportunity for the agency to handle everything from client services to implementation and integrations. With the development of in-house integrations and implementation service, Hypha is now able to manage most projects on their own.

"For the past couple of years, we've seen more and more companies struggle to extract maximum value from their tech stacks." We're delighted to be able to offer the ability to connect existing disparate systems, along with the expertise to offer recommendations on current and future setup for our clients.

Social Impact Reporting

The demand for ESG metrics, impact investing, and conscious capitalism is recognized by Hypha Development. Hypha is launching a social impact reporting service to help clients tell their impact stories, which it sees as the next evolution in content marketing. This week the company released its first social impact report, which examines ways in which it is trying to make a difference in the world, better support its team members, and help other mission-driven organizations succeed.

AI & The Future of Marketing

User interaction with technology has changed as a result of the emergence of generative artificial intelligence. A product offering centered around artificial intelligence is being developed by Hypha. Closed-loop artificial intelligence systems can answer user questions based on specialized, client specific information produced by its in-house content experts.

"We're building toward a world where consumers expect to interact as fluidly with a website as they would with a customer service representative." The need to feed those artificial intelligence models with informative, expert content represents a massive opportunity for us to leverage our established content marketing expertise in an entirely new way.

Rebranding Announcement

The organization changed its name to Morey Creative Studios in the summer of 2018). The company will be able to help clients succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape thanks to the new corporate identity and mission. Today, a refreshed brand name, site, and messaging were unveiled.

The Hypha Development team is looking forward to pushing boundaries and exceeding client expectations in the new chapter.

A New York-based HubSpot partner agency called Hypha Development specializes in engineering custom solutions to help B2B organizations generate more leads and increase revenue.

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