Four leading marketing companies amplifying music in India

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 1, 2023 News
Four leading marketing companies amplifying music in India

Music is amplified in India by four marketing companies.

A wide variety of music styles can be found in India. According to a report by Statista, the Indian music industry's value is estimated to be around 22 billion dollars. Every musician needs to stand out and reach the right audience with a growing pool of talent. The significance of music marketing has grown greatly in the last few years with brands investing a lot of their resources to make the customer's music listening experience unique. Marketing companies help create more brand awareness, build and grow the fan base and eventually generate more revenue for the music labels Below is a list of companies that are leading in music marketing.

A new-age influencer management agency is bringing together brands, content creators and marketing mavericks for unparalleled exposure. With an arsenal of digital tools, artists and ideas in its bank, the agency is moving on the path to create a digital universe that captivates and delights the senses. More than 150 campaigns have been executed by Dot Media for major labels.

3Folks Media is a digital/influencer marketing company based in Mumbai. Their company can generate multiple campaigns at a time with assured results and engagements with a base of 400+ Influencers. The success rate of 3Folks Media is 98% with brands like L'oreal, Haier, B612, Glance Roposo and Sony music.

Mad Influence is a marketing agency that brings together a network of exceptional content creators and brands from all over the world. Their ultimate goal is to ignite campaigns that leave a mark. Their creative prowess extends to extraordinary partnerships with renowned production houses and renowned music labels.

The company is called Barcode Entertainment. Data-led performance, real human relationships, expert creative strategy, authentic engaging content, and laser-sharp paid media targeting are brought together. A platform built by Barcode allows brands and media companies to source and engage with influential people. Their team of 150 influencer marketing specialists use this platform to contact and collaborate with more than 10 lakh macro and microinfluencers. Barcode connects brands with 25 million potential consumers every day by connecting them with native, sponsored content on major social media platforms.