New Media Ventures Invests in Nuestro Stories to Expand Latino Heritage Content Platform, New Nuestro Studios Unit

by Jacob Solomon Jun 1, 2023 News
New Media Ventures Invests in Nuestro Stories to Expand Latino Heritage Content Platform, New Nuestro Studios Unit

The city of Miami.

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New Media Ventures, a sector-leading civic impact investment fund, has selected Nuestro Stories to join its cohort of diverse owned media company investments.

Jessica Salinas, NMV's Chief Investment Officer, said that they are excited about the investment in Nuestro Stories because they are fast-growing and very creative with dynamic platforms. We see an even greater and more impactful future for Nuestro Stories, as they have done before.

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The co- founder and chairwoman of Nuestro Stories is a Mexican-American. Her co-founding husband is a second generation Cuban American. Hispanicize, DiMe Media, Hispanic Kitchen, Latina Moms, Hispanic PR Wire, Hispanic Digital Network, and LatinClips were all created and sold by the founders.

Susaita-Ruiz said they were honored to join the New Media Ventures family because they were committed to their vision of telling accurate stories about Latinos. Nuestro Studios and studio platforms will be born that will open new doors for content creators across social, web, podcasts, and now through Nuestro Studios.

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New Media Ventures has been catalyzing capital to invest in the most promising leaders and power-building technologies in media and civic engagement for the past twelve years. NMV has invested more than $60 million in 125 early-stage companies and startup since it was founded.

There are Nuestro stories.

Nuestro Stories is the flagship brand of Brilla Media and is dedicated to celebrating Latino heritage. Nuestro Stories and Nuestro Studios produce snackable videos, stories, and social media content that focuses on Latino origins and histories. The creators of Hispanicize and co-founders of the Hispanic social media marketing and influencer industries are behind Nuestro Stories.

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The person is Jessica Salinas.

You can reach us at 713- 480-8858. is run by Jasalinas.

Brilla Media is known for nuestro stories.

A person named Rachel Matos.

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