5 simple ways to step up your business's TikTok game

by Jacob Solomon Jun 1, 2023 News
5 simple ways to step up your business

When COVID-19 hit, Dan Oliver, founder of Dan-O's Seasoning, was forced to shut down his primary sales channel and change his business model. Oliver went all in on the video-sharing platform.

He made a video of himself making crab cakes. Daily sales went up seven times. His bacon-wrapped jalapenos caught fire and catapulted sales again.

After three years, hundreds of videos and millions of views, Dan-O's Seasoning has grown from an e-commerce business to a supermarket staple.

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Dan-O's success isn't a one-off case Entrepreneurs have used the social video platform to their advantage. You can only become the next big thing with TikTok. You have to be careful with your cards.

The first three to five seconds of your video are the most important. Get to the point before people start tuning out.

Oliver said to start with something that is attractive. Oliver starts his TikToks with a big slab of meat on the cutting board. Don't waste time and make it interesting.

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Video views are worthless if you don't convert them. If you want viewers to go to your website, online storefront or email list, you need to give them value props in your video.

"Social media followers are great, but you have to strategically move people to your other platforms, whether it be your email list or another high-leverage pipeline."

There are three. Work smarter and not harder.

If you can, you can make content. It's the most efficient way to use your brain power.

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Is that what it looks like? An editorial calendar that outlines what you're going to post and when is a better way to drum up ideas. It's better to film and edit multiple videos at once. As much juice as possible can be squeezed out of each video.

Darma said to reuse one video as much as you can.

Danielle Wiley, founder and chief executive officer of Sway Group, said that any good social media strategy should be anchored in specific goals.

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You can get a lot of data from social media, but it is meaningless if you don't set goals. The right type of content won't be created if you don't know what the goal is from the beginning.

You need to throw everything at the wall in order to see what sticks. It's worth following that thread when videos start gaining traction.

Darma said that once people see success with one video, they forget to create videos like the one that took off. Make more of that because you know what style and topic your followers like. Don't invest in things that don't work.

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The thread was the recipes. Hundreds of thousands of views can be seen on TikToks of Oliver making everything from sushi to deep- fried mac and cheese. The recent video for pulled pork taco was viewed millions of times.

Videos of Oliver scouting out Dan-O's on store shelves did well, but didn't hit the same note. The official account for Dan-O's Seasoning was going to only feature recipes.

I think it is working. I follow all the other creators and their accounts are not moving. Oliver said ours is not. We have grown from 2,000 to 10,000 followers a day.

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Is it possible that this is the first thing that comes to your mind?

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