23 top creator economy and influencer marketing experts to know across LinkedIn, newsletters, podcasting, and more

by Anna Munhin Jun 1, 2023 News
23 top creator economy and influencer marketing experts to know across LinkedIn, newsletters, podcasting, and more

From left to right: Jon Youshaei, Lia Haberman, Jayde Powell, and Jerry Won
From left to right: Lia Haberman, Jon Youshaei, Jayde Powell, and Jerry Won.
Jon Youshaei/Lia Haberman/Jayde Powell/Jerry Won; Insider

The moment when Jerry Won sat down with the Vice President felt like a dream.

Won said that he was blown away. "Sitting with the Vice President of the United States and sharing stories that were so relevant to me and our community was really special."

Won launched his podcast in 2020 to raise the Asian creator community and interview Asian and Asian American creators.

He is an authority on the creator economy.

Some, likeAvi Gandhi, who writes the Creator Logic newsletter that highlights data and insights straight from creators, have worked with creators for years and accumulated massive audiences for their deep insights and industry connections.

They are still building their online communities, like TikTok, which helps other creators accumulate wealth.

Our reporters rely on the experts on the list to stay up to date on changes in the industry. A combination of conversations with several creators and executives in the industry and Insider's own creator economy team led to the creation of the list.

The creator-economy experts are listed in alphabetical order.

Besidone Amoruwa Courtesy Besidone Amoruwa

Musicians, models, and creators are just some of the talent that Amoruwa's career has focused on. Currently on Meta's "innovation partnerships" team working closely with content creators, Amoruwa led much of Meta's efforts in bringing NFTs toInstagram, as well as spearheading adoption for products like reels and IGTV.

She launched a newsletter earlier this year that shares her take on creator economy trends and debates, such as whether or not the term "influencer" is relevant in today's talent industry.

Posts about the industry and news from Meta can be found on the professional networking site.

An expert on creator monetization.

There are five places to follow them: LinkedIn,instagram, newsletter, and social media.

Qianna Smith Bruneteau
Qianna Smith Bruneteau.
Qianna Smith Bruneteau

Bruneteau launched in 2020 the AmericanInfluencerCouncil, an organization that helps creators with business development, creates professional standards for the industry, and more. She used to lead social media and digital strategy for brands. She worked for Time Inc.'s style and entertainment division as a digital editor and as a fashion and beauty columnist.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI for short, is an expert's specialty.

There are 2,800 followers on LinkedIn.

Kahlil Dumas
Kahlil Dumas.
Kahlil Dumas

Dumas hosts a show called "UNSTUCKKD," where he interviews a range of guests, including full-timers, entrepreneurs, and those who create content as a side job. Listeners are taught how to improve their finances, monetize their own podcasts, and secure brand partnerships.

Her First $100K is an organization that helps women build wealth.

There is an expert on entrepreneurship.

You can listen to the UNSTUCKKD podcast.

Avi Gandhi
Avi Gandhi.
Avi Gandhi

Gandhi interviews full-time creators like Jay Clouse and Tax and Alessia about how they run their businesses. He discussed industry trends with his 12,000 followers on the platform, as well as being one of the top voices in the creator economy.

Gandhi blends his analysis with data from his career working with creators. He founded partner with creators. Gandhi was the head of creator partnerships at the time.

There is an expert on social media marketing.

There are 11,700 followers onLinkedIn and Creator Logic.

Lia Haberman
Lia Haberman.
Courtesy Lia Haberman

In addition to her 20 years of experience in media and marketing, she is also a professor at UCLA Extension, teaching undergraduate and graduate students about influencer marketing.

There are more than 8,000 subscribers to her newsletter on Substack. The biggest stories of the week in social media are highlighted in the weekly newsletter.

There is a trade association founded in 2020.

There is an expert on social media platforms.

Substack has 8,000 subscribers and is one of the places to follow them.

Jim Louderback on beach walking dog in california
Jim Louderback.
Jim Louderback

Louderback is the annual conference that celebrates creators and industry professionals in Los Angeles.

Louderback was the CEO of the company before it was sold. Louderback has been writing a weekly newsletter for over a year.

Louderback's newsletter and LinkedIn feed are just some of the things he does. He will be speaking at this year's VidCon and will be a panelist.

An expert on media and creator news.

There are 29,000 followers onLinkedIn.

A man looking to the side, smiling, with a hand on his chin, wearing a white wool sweater with a red heart and a capital letter A embroidered on it.
Jordan Schwarzenberger.
Arcade Media

The creator of "Unboxed: The Creator Show" has interviewed industry experts like Calfreezy. He is the co-owner of Arcade Media, a management company for creators with clients. YMU's chief creative officer and a creative strategist were both worked on by the man before he started his own ventures.

The UK's creator-economy scene is an expert on.

Where to listen to: "Unboxed: The Creator Show" and "Linkedin".

Renee Teeley
Renee Teeley.
Renee Teeley

The creator economy, such as creator pay at Meta or Amazon's new TikTok competitor, is discussed on The Creator Feed. She presents at events like the creator economy expo.

She was the global director of digital marketing solutions at Brightcove as well as the senior vice president of content and community at TubeBuddy.

The creator economy, consulting, and coaching are some of the topics discussed by the expert.

The creator feed is where to follow them.

Vivian Tu
Vivian Tu.
Vivian Tu

Tu runs Your Rich BFF accounts, where she gives personal finance and investing tips to her followers. She builds a community of around 10,000 followers through her newsletter and posts on the professional networking site.

She started her career on Wall Street. She started Your Rich BFF to help people from all walks of life.

Personal finance and investing, creators building wealth, and Asian American creators are some of the experts on this topic.

The en Riched newsletter has 10,400 followers.

Jerry Won
Jerry Won.
Jerry Won

Won launched Always Be Creating, a private-membership community that gives Asian people the power to create. Asian Creator House is an events platform that brings together creators and brands. He interviews key leaders within the Asian American community on his "dear Asian Americans" show.

There are tips on how to build personal brands on LinkedIn.

There is an expert on Asian American creators.

There are 26,900 followers for " Dear Asian Americans" onLinkedIn.

Peter Yang
Peter Yang.
Peter Yang

The creator economy newsletter has been read by over 50,000 people. Practical how-to guides for building thriving creator businesses are one of his most popular posts.

He has a large following on the professional networking site, where he has about 60,000 followers.

There is a product lead on the online-gaming platform. He has worked at several large tech companies over the past decade.

There is an expert on Artificial Intelligence in the creator economy.

There are 65,200 followers onLinkedIn.

Jon Youshaei
Jon Youshaei.
Courtesy of Jon Youshaei

Youshaei knows a thing or two about why social media platforms work the way they do.

Youshaei is a content creator with more than 338,000 subscribers on the video sharing website. He has interviewed a number of people, including the Paul brothers and Danny Duncan.

Youshaei has a show called "Created" where he gives interviews and gives advice about content creation. He moderates a network of 2,000 creators, gives feedback on their content, and shares industry news in the Created Club.

He is an advisor to Tube Buddy.

A social-media expert.

They have a following of 59,200 followers onLinkedIn, 338,000 subscribers onYouTube, and newsletter subscribers.

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