Apple is heading to Cannes

by Samuel Pordengerg May 31, 2023 News
Apple is heading to Cannes

FrancisScialabba is the name of the person.

The Croisette is where Tim Cook is going.

Apple is rumored to be renting a space atop the Carlton hotel in France, where it will host meetings and events in addition to courting advertisers.

Tech companies go to the south Riviera to court advertisers. Amazon took over a port last year and will again this year. The festival is an opportunity for Apple to introduce advertisers to its growing ad offerings.

This is what we know about Apple's advertising plans.

Apple sells ads in its app store. Some of it's streaming content has ads on it. The company's services business grew almost 5% a year to $19 billion. Apple was building a programmatic advertising platform according to a report last summer. The company was looking to hire a senior manager to build a sophisticated demand-side platform. Lauren Fry was hired by the company to help build a video advertising business.

Apple makes a lot of money from advertising. From a branding perspective, Apple has put user privacy at the core of its messaging and advertising, and its privacy changes have obfuscated large chunks of the mobile advertising industry. Observers say its privacy controls benefit its ads business. It's not clear how Apple reconciles the two.

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