We turned Search Engine Land into a chatbot

by Anna Munhin May 31, 2023 News
We turned Search Engine Land into a chatbot

The Search Engine Land chatBot is the first of its kind. We're excited for you to try it out.

Search Engine Land chatbot

There is a chat bot. You can explore, experiment and learn more about search marketing with the help of our bot.

Our chatBot sits on top of Openai's chatGPT. The publication of record for all things search and search marketing since 2006 is the basis of it.

On a regular basis, our chatbot will be updated with new information.

What does it do? Get ready to write with the help of our chat bot. On that page, you can find some best practices and sample questions.

Here is what you will see on a prompt for the creation of a content marketing andseo plan for a bakery.

Chatbot Seo Content Marketing Plan Bakery 800x497

There is a message about exceeding token. Try again if this occurs. Do your best to improve your prompt if it occurs again.

Our chatbot is not perfect because we are in the early stages of testing. We will be making it better and more useful for you. We appreciate your help in breaking this so we can make it better.

There is a question about why a chatbot. Chris Elwell, CEO, Third Door Media said, "Serving the marketing community is our reason for being, and the Search Engine Land chatBot is an exciting way to provide that community with the information they need."

Please help us get better. We are looking at ways to make the bot better. You can give the Search Engine Land chatBot a try. We would love to hear from you.

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