Vpon and VIOOH Forge Strategic Partnership to Pioneer the Future of Outdoor Advertising with Big Data and AI Technology

by Anna Munhin May 31, 2023 News
Vpon and VIOOH Forge Strategic Partnership to Pioneer the Future of Outdoor Advertising with Big Data and AI Technology

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VIOOH, the world's foremost high-quality digital out-of- home advertising supply-side platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with Vpon Big Data Group. VIOOH's global digital outdoor advertising programmatic inventories and Vpon's diverse and extensive mobile data were used to create this collaboration. The partnership allows advertisers to display their content on a specific day or time period through programmatic buying, with advertising visuals created by "InVnity" artificial intelligence.

Vpon Big Data Group (Vpon), a leading big data company in Asia, has announced a strategic partnership with VIOOH

As a multinational big data expert, Vpon reaches over 900 million mobile devices every month, holds a vast amount of mobile device data, and possesses high quality media resources in the Asia- Pacific region. The artificial intelligence system is capable of generating unique advertising content based on user device tags. The advertiser's message is delivered to each potential customer in a more personalized and targeted manner with each advertising copy and image. Vpon has an extensive data collection system and will use it to enrich "InVnity" and its machine learning with big data.

The world's leading premium digital out-of- home advertising supplier platform is called VIOOH. VIOOH is powered by a team of experts in digital out-of- home advertising and programmatic technology.

Calvin Chan, CEO of VIOOH China
Calvin Chan, CEO of VIOOH China

VIO OH and Vpon Big Data Group have formed a partnership. Calvin Chan is the CEO of VIOOHChina. Through the partnership with VIOOH, Vpon's clients can now purchase VIOOH's quality global DO OH inventory. One of the key areas of interest for the market now is programmatic digital Out-Of-Home advertising in omni-Channel sales activities.

Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon Big Data Group
Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon Big Data Group

More and more resources will be placed on the programmatic advertising trading platform in the future. Arthur Chan is the chief operating officer of Vpon Big Data Group. He talked about how big data and artificial intelligence can be used to deliver tailored advertisements that reach the most relevant audience. Arthur thinks that this partnership will transform the Out-Of-Home industry and meet the increasing global demand for programmatic advertising trading platforms.

The industry-leading artificial intelligence advertising system "InVnity" is learning and improving with Vpon's own mobile data, while the system can also test the effectiveness of Vpon's advertisements.

The Vpon Big Data Group is about big data.

Vpon Big Data Group provides clients with the broadest set of mobile data in Asia in delivering effective mobile data-driven marketing solutions. Data from 900 million mobile devices and a strategic partnership with premium media resources across the Asia-Pacific region allow Vpon to provide clients with a wide range of data-driven marketing solutions.

ISO 27001 is an information security management system.

The first big data company to achieve both certifications and set an exciting milestone for the data industry is ISO 27701.

It's about VIO OH.

VIOOH is an out of home supply side platform. VIOOH has a platform that connects buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace.

VIOOH is leading the transformation of the OOH sector by using programmatic capabilities and data. VIO OH trades programmatically in 19 markets.

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