60% of execs think Apple headset will be a VR iPhone moment

by Anna Munhin May 31, 2023 News
60% of execs think Apple headset will be a VR iPhone moment

It has been suggested that the Apple headset will be shown off at the WWDC23 conference in June of 2020.

It will pave the way for Apple to be ready for a future beyond the iPad and the iPhone. The headset will have a slow start, but will eventually lead to opportunities for the headset to replace the phone, according to previous articles.

In order to give developers time to create mixed-reality apps and services, the headset won't be on sale until much later in 2023.

With all the excitement and uncertainty that comes before an upcoming product launch, a majority of industry leaders believe the Apple headset will act as an 'iPhone moment' for virtual reality and augmented reality. It was slow to catch on before the market exploded.

The survey shows that software industry leaders are the most enthusiastic about creating content for the headset.

The majority of participants are willing to pay up to 2000 dollars for the headset, with only 10% willing to pay anything else. Some people are not interested in the Apple headset at all.

The survey states that Apple has a lot riding on the headset announcement at the conference.

After so many false starts in the past, marketers are more cautious about the potential of the technology right now. Even though they don't know much about the platform, developers are very enthusiastic about building for it. The product will either be broken or made by the developers.

Marketers will follow their lead if they build experiences that draw people in and keep them coming back.