Community x SEEN, a first-to-market beauty specialist, nano creator marketing tool launches in the US market

by Lindsey Francy May 31, 2023 News
Community x SEEN, a first-to-market beauty specialist, nano creator marketing tool launches in the US market

A revolutionary digital platform pairs undiscovered beauty creators with leading global beauty brands.

The global beauty specialist business known for clients such as Charlotte Tilbury and BYREDO has evolved its US offering. The product will be available in the US market on June 1st, 2023, following the success of the product in the UK.

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Community X SEEN was created in response to a rapidly evolving cultural, social and global creator landscape. The need to discover, nurture and connect socially engaged everyday beauty enthusiasts, pro specialists, and nano beauty creators with the best global brands was recognised by the SEEN Group.

Community x Seen is a first-to-market beauty specialist.

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The first uniquely beauty community network of more than 4,000 beauty-specific creators is speeding up, all of whom are meticulously categorized by their beauty and wellbeing preferences, bringing a new level of authentic advocacy to support the consumer to make moreinformed purchasing. In addition to elevated content creation, brands will have the ability to trial and review exclusive new product launches, experience local eventing, and collaborate on brand activations.

The agency's communications expertise and built-in creator community can now be used by brands to share the mission of SEEN. "We identified a real opportunity to harness the power that exists at the nano creator level with scale to deliver brands' community goals in an accelerated way," shared Jane Walsh.

Community X SEEN invests back into creators through social edutainment, exclusive access to coveted new brand launches and paid content collaborations to provide full funnel conversion and increased reach for brands.

"This is a natural evolution of our agency's service offerings to best meet the evolving US communications landscape, address our clients changing IMC business needs and continue to define SEEN as a transformational partner," said Sansone. Community x SEEN gives our team a strong tool to deliver impactful strategies for our clients and ultimately, enable a collective collaboration to grow a new beauty industry for the future.

The Community X SEEN portal is open to US creators. Visit for more information. We encourage you to follow us on social networking sites.

Seen Group is a high performing beauty specialist business with influence. An industry leading group of beauty experts. With offices in London and New York, the SEEN Group leads beauty transformation for brands and the creator economy.

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