Glen Taylor Launches Marketing Collective AlongSide Re-Imagining Future of Production

by Anna Munhin May 31, 2023 News
Glen Taylor Launches Marketing Collective AlongSide Re-Imagining Future of Production
Business leader Glen Taylor today announces his latest venture, the launch of marketing production collective AlongSide Global, with the acquisition of design animation studio Bonfire marking the first step.

Alongside Global is a group of businesses that are changing the world of production. The future of production is driven by the convergence of new technologies, elite creative thinking and brands who are excited to embrace game changing opportunities We will use new production technologies to make content creation better, faster and more tailored than before.

Glen thinks that a core set of skills from Bonfire are going to join the collective. He says thatBonfire's commitment to staying ahead of the curve makes it the perfect fit and that they will take charge of a rapidly evolving landscape.

Glen wants to collect the best creative businesses in production and unite them tounlock the power of technology, and that is why he invested in Bonfire. He thinks that the time is near for production as solutions from Unreal and Artificial Intelligence take hold. He believes that the future of marketing power can be found in businesses that are driven by young, free thinking people who can thrive under the guidance and nurture of AlongSide.

As Glen takes over as CEO of Bonfire, he will be joined by Brendan O'Neil on a number of other ventures within Along Side. Aron will be stepping back from ownership but staying on as creative director, while former partner and managing director will be leaving the industry to pursuepassion projects. "Bonfire as well as our clients has always been my number one priority, and that's why I bought it." Knowing that Glen and his team will be taking over gives me great confidence in the future of bonfire. Gene Nazarov and Mike Seabrooke will stay in their roles of creative director and head of production, while Scott Pryor will join as executive producer.

Over the next few months, AlongSide Global will unveil a number of new developments in its plan to change the way brands are created and produced. This is the time to watch.