Disney and YouTube demonstrate how AI is already disrupting advertising

by Lindsey Francy May 31, 2023 News
Disney and YouTube demonstrate how AI is already disrupting advertising

At a TV advertising event hosted by Ad Age, Disney and YouTube gave a glimpse into how artificial intelligence will change marketing and creative experiences on TV and on internet platforms.

Both companies painted artificial intelligence as a tech that is already disrupting the industry and is crucial to their strategies.

Many new tech waves in the past few years have been referred to as rapid disruption, but artificial intelligence is already changing how companies think about advertising.

  • In her presentation, Disney advertising chief Rita Ferro said the company’s next “12 months of innovation” will be focused on artificial intelligence.
  • In one example, Ferro highlighted shoppable marketing in streaming. Currently, customers can scan QR codes to buy products displayed in ads on screen. But Ferro said AI could instead scan visuals for products and offer ways to buy them directly from the streaming interface, removing the need for QR codes.
  • Several streaming services announced QR code-based shoppable marketing features at NewFronts just this month.

The metaverse boom of the previous two years had executives and techies promising world-changing outcomes from the new tech. The world's leading companies are starting to see how the technology is being used.

  • Those glimpses show that AI is no buzzword tech. Though it has a long way to go, the rapid pace of disruption, like Disney’s shoppable commerce example, shows that companies will continue on the warpath.