DISH Media Brings Linear TV to the Digital Ad Marketplace with DISH Connected™

by Lindsey Francy May 31, 2023 News
DISH Media Brings Linear TV to the Digital Ad Marketplace with DISH Connected™
  • DISH Connected™ blends Connected TV (CTV) and linear addressable TV advertising in an important step forward for programmatic advertising. 
  • Advertisers can now complement their CTV buys on SLING TV with access to premium DISH TV inventory.

DISH Connected is a first of its kind solution that allows DISH TV's live linear inventory to be programmatically executed. The solution delivers real-time, targeted advertisements to internet- connected DISH set-top boxes, giving advertisers access to DISH inventory in the same way as a SLING TV campaign.

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DISH Connected
DISH Connected

Kevin Arrix said that the most effective and efficient solutions allow for optimal targeting and full campaign measurement.

Advertisers can programmatically transact on premium DISH set-top box inventory through private auctions set up with demand-side platforms like The Trade Desk and Yahoo, as well as the sell-side platform Magnite. Advertisers can deliver advertisements to viewers in real-time as they watch content on their set top boxes. Advertisers can extend their reach and make a single buyprogrammatically across both SLING and DISH inventory.

With this new effort, DISH Media combines CTV and linear advertising accessibility, delivering new inventory, expanded reach, and added scale to advertisers.

Alexander Stone said that they continue to place a strong emphasis on programmatic advertising. We're excited to take advantage of this new offering from DISH Media, as we've invested heavily in programmatic buying across premium CTV inventory. We can open up a larger inventory pool for our clients with the help of DISH Connected.

Digital buyers can easily access programmatic ad inventory. Advertisers have a new opportunity to capture premium live inventory with the introduction of a new set of impressions.

"Magnite has long worked closely with streaming platforms, like SLING TV, to provide the industry with a single touchpoint for execution across the entire premium landscape," said Matt McLeggon, Senior Vice President, Advanced Solutions at Magnite. With the addition of linear television inventory to the platform, buyers can reach their most valuable audiences regardless of how they consume their content." Buyers and sellers alike will be able to unify end-to-end campaign planning, execution, and measurement through the programmatic automation of convergent television advertising.

Verna De Jesus said thatLinear media buys have historically used metrics to inform their decisioning. With the creation of this innovative solution, media buyers can use today's advanced data to make the most informed buy on linear TV. Consumers will enjoy a better ad experience if the level of impressions scales through DISH Connected.

It's about DISH media.

Advertisers can maximize exposure to desired audiences across DISH TV and SLING TV with the help of DISH Media. Advertisers use data-driven, demographically targeted buys that enhance their national media campaigns through innovative platforms such as addressable targeting and programmatic buying. You can visit

The source of the information is DISH Media.