Technomic reports inflation’s impact on Canadian chain restaurants

by Lindsey Francy May 31, 2023 News
Technomic reports inflation’s impact on Canadian chain restaurants

The 2023 Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurant Report includes expert findings and insights into the sales performance of Canadian chain restaurants. The report uses decades of historical data to provide a detailed analysis of the industry.

“Total sales for Canada’s Top 200 chain restaurants hit $40 billion in 2022, improving by 15% compared to the prior year,” said Kevin Schimpf, director of industry research and insights at Technomic. “While overall chain restaurant sales managed to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels, the recovery was largely driven by rising menu prices and the top-heavy growth of the industry’s top-ranked players.”BB #: 206969 Pack-Right, L.L.C.

There are key findings.

  • Total Top 200 chain sales accounted for over half of all Canadian restaurant and bar industry sales in 2022
  • The Top 200’s location footprint includes more than 27,000 restaurants, and has grown each of the last two years following a pandemic-related contraction in 2020
  • Historically high consumer prices for foodservice played a major role in boosting chain restaurant sales growth
  • Limited-service Mexican and chicken chains achieved standout sales and location growth in 2022

There is a new report on the Top 200 Canadian chains.

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