Try Out These 5 New Crazy Features on Adobe Firefly

by Jacob Solomon May 31, 2023 News
Try Out These 5 New Crazy Features on Adobe Firefly
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The tool should be removed.

Generative fill makes it easier to remove objects from photos. The beauty of the image can be maintained with a simple brush action. Generative fill offers a non-destructive approach to editing images, which allows you to extend or remove content with remarkable realism and speed. As it integrates with your image's perspective, lighting, and style, it will leave you amazed.

Text can be used to generate images.

You can transform text prompt into stunning artwork in a matter of seconds with Generative fill. You can use this innovative tool to add, expand, and even create entirely new visuals.

Here are some of the things you can do now with the Adobe Firefly Beta:

1️⃣ Text to image: Generate images from a detailed text description.

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Blocks of creativity.

Adobe wants to incorporate the capability to create custom brushes andtextures from a few words or a sketch into Firefly. Users will be able to modify the generated content using familiar and favorite tools. Instant creative building blocks for illustration, artwork, and graphic design is the aim of the expansion.

Marketing through social media.

Adobe wants to change the way content is created for marketing and social media use. From a simple text prompt, users will be able to easily create posters, banners, and social media posts. Firefly plans to enable the generation of original and customised content based on uploaded mood boards. This feature has the potential to compete with established poster-making platforms, offering users a unique and powerful experience.

Adobe Firefly looks insane.

🔹AI video editing

🔹AI 3D modelling


Considering Adobe bought Figma, do you think this is going in Figma as well?

— Mateo Vrbs (@itsvrbs) March 23, 2023