Finance marketers launch ‘UK’s first’ digital agency exclusively for finance brands

by Anna Munhin May 31, 2023 News
Finance marketers launch ‘UK’s first’ digital agency exclusively for finance brands

Balance is a marketing agency dedicated to financial services that helps businesses hit their online growth goals.

Alex Murphy has over 20 years of financial services marketing experience with brands such as GoCompare and The Royal Mint.

Alex is joining forces with another marketer with over 20 years experience, most of it in financial services, to form a new company. The CEO of the Liberty Marketing Group has worked with many finance clients.

Balance is the newest agency in the Liberty marketing group. It has a pool of more than 40 specialist marketers who offer a wide range of services.

Murphy said that it was difficult to market in the financial services sector. In relation to the size of the business, marketing teams are often under-resourced. Zero-compromise short-term targets and the strict regulation can make it difficult to navigate while pursuing growth.

Fifteen years ago, when managing digital marketing for a firm in the mortgage sector, I was getting frustrated with agencies that either didn't understand compliance or were too scared of regulations to suggest work that would cut.

This is a huge issue for in-house marketers. He agreed that there was a big gap in the market and that he had been feeling that way for a long time. Balance is an agency that is both innovative and compliant.

The business launches at the right time with the release of consumer duty later this year. The higher standards will shine a light on the communications that all financial services brands have with their customers.

The team at Balance conducted research into 50 household-name finance brands and found that many are failing best practice guidelines on how to communicate online.

Murphy said: "We will be releasing this research in the coming weeks to help guide both internal marketing teams and compliance teams."

We are here to help them fix these issues and make sure all future content and campaigns please the regulators and the search engines at the same time.

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