Communica Named Global Agency of Record for Marketing and Communications by Teijin Automotive Technologies

by Jacob Solomon May 31, 2023 News
Communica Named Global Agency of Record for Marketing and Communications by Teijin Automotive Technologies

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Communica has been named the global agency of record for multiple marketing communications disciplines by Teijin, a leading manufacturer of highly engineered products. The multi-year agreement will help to strengthen the agency's position in the automotive industry.

Teijin is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced automotive components. The company delivers innovation and advanced technology to the automotive industry and is a trusted partner to many of the world's leading automakers.

The senior vice president of Communica said they were thrilled to have been chosen by Teijin. This is a great honor for our agency and we are excited to help Teijin automotive tell their story.

As part of the agreement, Communica will be responsible for providing a full range of marketing and communications services. The agency will support the company in reaching its goals.

Kim Zitny is the director of corporate communications for Teijin. We are confident that they will help us grow our business because they have a proven track record of delivering excellent results for their clients.

Teijin automotive technologies specializes in the development and production of carbon and glass fiber components for the global automotive and transportation industries. The company's focus is on providing lightweight, durable products that enable design and packaging flexibility to the automotive industry. Teijin is based in Michigan and has 29 operations in 8 countries. Visit Teijin to learn more.

The company is based in Toledo's Warehouse District and has regional offices in Charlotte, Columbus and Detroit. The first client we worked with was still our client today.

For more than 30 years, Communica has developed award-winning, high- impact campaigns for regional, national and international organizations by engaging with their core audiences and growing awareness.

We empower our multidisciplinary team of 45 to continually learn and adapt as marketing, communications and business landscapes evolve, embracing the channels, platforms and technology that most effectively position our clients' brands to their customers. is where you can learn more.

You can contact us.

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The global agency of record for marketing and communications was named by Teijin.

The source of the information is Communica.

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