Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Promising More Than They Can Deliver?

by Lindsey Francy May 31, 2023 News
Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Promising More Than They Can Deliver?
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Successful digital marketing is a team effort between the agency and the client. It's essential that personalities and ideologies align because an effective digital marketing strategy needs to be tailored to the client

Windermere, Fla. is located in the state of Florida. There will be a press conference on May 30, 2023.

Digital marketing has evolved beyond recognition with new strategies and platforms emerging each year. Small- to mid-sized businesses often have to hire a dedicated digital marketing agency, but how do they know if it's a good one? Updating guidance is provided by the CEO of Fullmoon Digital.

Companies that hire based on criteria even a few years old can find themselves spending marketing dollars without building long-term traction.

Several of his recommendations still stand after he wrote a piece on hiring a digital marketing agency. He says to look for a digital agency with an established track record and good communication. Asking potential agencies about their strategy is an enduring recommendation.

The number of advertising agencies in the United States exploded from 13 to 78,884 in just two years.

Fullmoon Digital has some warnings. If promises sound too good to be true, they are. The reality of today's digital marketing landscape is that quick results are not always long- lasting and can make the future harder.

Excellent communication between the business and its digital marketing agency is required for long- lasting results.

He suggests avoiding aggressive or abrasive people. Businesses should beware of account managers with too many clients. Digital marketing campaigns can't be developed by someone with 15 to 25 clients.

If companies approach their digital marketing agency as a strategic partner alliance, their combined expertise should create greater value than you can do alone. What goals are you trying to achieve together?

The long game is what an agency with the potential to be a trusted partner focuses on. If an approach isn't working, they should be prepared to pivot and shift their strategy, keeping in mind their long-term vision of increased visibility and market share for their partner clients.

Digital marketing is a team effort between the agency and the client. An effective digital marketing strategy needs to be tailored to the client, so it's important that personality and ideology match.

Account managers at Fullmoon Digital can have up to seven clients. This allows them to provide excellent customer service.

Fullmoon Digital doesn't take on new clients during the fourth quarter because it's the busiest time of the year for retailers. Account managers are still available to serve existing clients.

The team's focus on delivering quality is demonstrated by the agency's commitment to deeper communication, consistent collaboration, and putting in the hard work to create lasting success.

We take what we do very seriously and treat our clients like family. Our success is the success of our client.

About Fullmoon Digital

One of the few 100% independent digital marketing agencies in the US is Fullmoon Digital. The firm has deep experience in media planning and buying, digital consulting, digital strategy, programmatic, analytic, performance marketing, paid media, social advertising, and creative. They provide best-in-class digital marketing service to their "pack" of clients while pushing the envelope of what is possible in marketing and technology. Please visit the website for more information.

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