Amazon India & NeuralGarage Collaborate

by Samuel Pordengerg May 30, 2023 News
Amazon India & NeuralGarage Collaborate

NeuralGarage has become the first-ever company to implement generative artificial intelligence for multilingual lipsync in advertising. NeuralGarage helped Amazon create native, authentic visual dubbing for their Amazon Daily and Amazon Fresh advertising creatives that went live on TV and digital platforms.

NeuralGarage, a deep tech startup from Bengaluru, has succeeded in breaking new ground in the advertising and marketing domain with its generative artificial intelligence technology. Advertising creatives and other marketing content in India are usually produced and shot in one language and then dubbed into several different languages to make them look inauthentic to regional viewers. NeuralGarage uses its proprietary technology to make creatives look native and local to consumers in the area.

The NeuralAgency team collaborated with Amazon India for their Amazon Daily and Amazon Fresh ad campaigns. It's collaboration with the e-commerce giant is a global first-use case. It is possible to make dubbed content look natural and make it more visually authentic with the help ofVisualDub. It helped Amazon India translate its ads into seven different languages.

It takes a client like Amazon to back new tech into its business, actually walk the talk, and show the world what is possible with generative artificial intelligence. We are very excited to work with Amazon on these campaigns. NeuralGarage's vision has always been to harness the true potential of generative artificial intelligence to make seamless communication and make dubbed content look authentic. I am thankful to Amazon India for giving us a chance to demonstrate the scope of 'VisualDub'. We are going to push the boundaries in advertising and marketing with our proprietary tech and this is just the beginning.

The news of their current collaboration is remarkable, since a generative artificial intelligence solution like this has not been executed at this scale across multiple languages. For a startup based in India to deliver this solution is great news for the Indian startup community. There is an urgent need to personalize content on digital platforms, OTTs, theatrical releases and broadcast networks in a country with over 22 primary languages. The scope and market will be much greater.

India with its rich cultural heritage and diverse languages holds the promise of generative artificial intelligence for advertisers, content creators, and filmmakers to better connect with consumers. Across the world, this story is likely to play out in similar fashion.

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According to Subhabrata Debnath, co-founder and CTO at NeuralGarage, the aim ofVisual Dub is to minimize visual dissonance in content and media. We want to foster innovation in this space to amplify its capabilities and reach into other industries. Our work will allow seamless creation of multilingual lip-synced content that will build a stronger and closer bond between content creators and consumers.

NeuralGarage is well-poised to aggressively sustain its momentum into tech development and elevateVisualDub torevolutionizing content creation and the last-mile consumer experience with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.