Salesforce’s Thierry Nicault on how Einstein GPT transforms customer experiences

by Samuel Pordengerg May 30, 2023 News
Salesforce’s Thierry Nicault on how Einstein GPT transforms customer experiences

Einstein GPT gives customers the power to generate trustworthy content using their own data.

Einstein GPT allows users to connect their data from the Data Cloud to Openai's advanced artificial intelligence models. The integration allows for the generation of adaptive content that is tailored to changing customer requirements.

Users can use Einstein GPT to create various types of content. Customer service professionals can quickly respond to queries with specific and relevant information, marketers can create targeted content to enhance campaign response rates, and developers can auto-generate code to simplify their processes.

The primary goal of Einstein GPT is to enable faster and more pertinent outcomes. The tool gives pre-built content suggestions that employees can use to personalize their experience.

Einstein GPT wants to improve employee productivity by offering assistance. The suggested content is sent to employees who approve it or modify it.

Is there a way it can be misused?

The risk of misuse is minimal because the foundation of content generation in Einstein GPT relies on trusted and valid data. Einstein GPT's content generation is limited to the familiar and reliable data within theCRM, ensuring security and data integrity.

Can you share an example of how Einstein GPT can be used across different areas such as marketing and development?

It's absolutely true! A marketer wants to start a new campaign. It used to take up to four months for this process to be done manually.

With the help of Einstein GPT, the marketer can use the data in theCRM. They can easily design the customer targets and then request Einstein GPT to automatically create the landing page, invitation form and email campaign for them. Thanks to the efficiency of Einstein GPT, a process that used to take months can now be completed in a single day.

Where does the name Einstein come from?

The appeal of Einstein GPT is that it builds upon the foundation established by Einstein. Einstein did not provide content directly.

We have taken a big leap forward with Einstein GPT. Einstein GPT is similar to having a data scientist within the organization. The next phase of using artificial intelligence to propose valuable content is marked by this evolution.

Tell us about your partnership with PwC.

We launched a three week training programme with the ETIC. The goal of the initiative is to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the sales industry. The aim of the training programme is to improve technical skills for newcomers to the company.

Skills development can be fostered on a regional level. There is a prevailing gap in essential skill sets, a challenge that is not unique to a particular area but exists around the world.

To address this, we work with partners, such as the one in Egypt, to provide training and certification programmes.

We identify promising individuals, particularly recent graduates, and enroll them in these initiatives, which will give them a high chance of securing internship or permanent positions through an intensive three week programme.

We have formed partnerships with many universities in the region.

We aim to introduce the curriculum and nurture the community of professionals through these partnerships.

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