Growth & Jobs | Infinity IMC encourages businesses to take visibility regionwide

by Anna Munhin May 30, 2023 News
Growth & Jobs | Infinity IMC encourages businesses to take visibility regionwide

Businesses in the Caribbean and wider diaspora can tap into new markets with the increased availability of internet.

It can be difficult to access these markets on a country by country basis. Shanoy Coombs is the CEO ofInfinity IMC. She says that her company, Infinity IMC, is able to offer integrated communications support across the Caribbean, and that it doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

When we worked with organizations that operate across different Caribbean markets, we found a pain point where they wanted to place an advertisement or coordinate public relations activities in other Caribbean markets, but were overwhelmed by having to contact media houses or partners in many different countries. She said that they were able to offer this as part of their integrated communications services.

At a time when the Caribbean Development Bank projects that the region is set to grow, Coombs says that the organizations that have taken on the regionwide services have experienced real value from being able to utilize a single firm to help them. The revitalisation of the tourism and energy sectors in several Caribbean countries is the reason for this.

She said that they are excited by the prospects as they have had personnel based in the diaspora who want to promote their products or services in different Caribbean markets.

Coombs' team adds to the work they do in the Caribbean by focusing on cultural differences. A network of Caribbean-wide partners and a team that has occupied regional roles over the past 10 years are some of the things that Coombs notes her team is adequately equipped to note.

Sometimes a client based in a diaspora country would like to export their content to another Caribbean country. We make sure that the cultural components of such content are assessed as it may be offensive in another market.

A Canada-based company is one of the teams that the IMC team has worked with. They have worked with a Barbados-based company to deliver media relations and advertising placements across 10 Caribbean countries, as well as clients in the United States and the UK who wanted to maintain a presence in the Caribbean to highlight their products and services.

For Coombs, the prospects are promising and so she encourages persons based in the diaspora or across the Caribbean who want to expand their reach to use the resources and professional services thatInfinity IMC offers.

The time is right to access regional markets. She said that it should be comforting to know that there is a single company that can support their regional communications needs.

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