The Shiv

by Anna Munhin May 30, 2023 News
The Shiv
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Succession isn't going to happen anymore. Someone has accomplished something.

Succession isn't going to happen anymore. Succession lasts a long time.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the series finale of Succession, 
watch it first and then return here.

I wasn't right. I think my prediction was a more accurate representation of what happened in the finale.

If I had to bet on how it ends, my gut feeling is that Shiv somehow “wins” as it were. Not sure why, just a feeling. With all the focus on the Murdochs all these years, what if she’s really Shari Redstone? They’re obviously setting up Kendall to be Michael Corleone here, but that’s just not his ultimate vibe — he lives to fuck it up in the end. Well, hopefully he lives! It feels like the betting odds are rolling towards one of the “Disgusting Brothers”, with Tom as a clear choice (and shout out to Nameberry on this rather brilliant bit of content marketing), but Greg as the Bran choice (again, calling back to Game of Thrones). Or would Connor be the Bran choice? We’ll know soon enough!

She isn't the CEO of Waystar, that's what she did. She won in that she was the one who decided how it would all play out. They talked about it before she did it. She was the winner according to my theory. It is fair to say that the Roy children are included. Anyone is a winner here. Everyone isn't a winner. Is she the most loser?

Anyhow. There was a good end to it. I only watched it once, and I am still getting used to it. I'm satisfied at the beginning. They did a good job with the tension. It made sense.

This is the internet so I will quibble.

I understand that it would have been a cheaper way to do it, but I wish they would have had Shiv vote "Yes" in real-time. They may have cut to Roman and he just smiled. Roman never smiles. The last evening with siblings was nice. The man loses his shit.

This would have been obvious and a way to do it, but I think it would have played better in the finale. They set up Shiv to change her mind with a few shots. The kids didn't need to go into the room before. I think they did it to build tension to the "Yes" vote and once it was cast, it was done, but I think they could have done the vote, and then had Kendall lose it, because she was pregnant.

It is a very minor thing. This isn't a remake of Game of thrones. The cut above is Succession. For a true finale moment, I would have played here.

My prediction was correct. I'm glad they didn't have him kill himself, but then again, Jeremy Strong probably did. The Nameberry content marketing around the name "Wambsgans" was fun but bullshit. I am happy that Greg and Tom came back to one another. You have to break a few Gregs in order to make a Tomlette.

There is only one thing for now. I'm sad that it's over, but I'm happy that it happened A great show. It's time for a drink of wine.

The temperature was very cold.