Google is all set to elevate the digital ad ecosystem with its conversational & generative AI along with robust privacy updates: ET Medialabs Co-Founder

by Samuel Pordengerg May 30, 2023 News
Google is all set to elevate the digital ad ecosystem with its conversational & generative AI along with robust privacy updates: ET Medialabs Co-Founder

Let us know about your brand and its offerings.

ET Medialabs is a partner of choice for brands chasing sustainable growth in today’s world of go big or go home. With an experience of more than a decade, we have been translating Market Intelligence Data into actionable insights to drive strategy and growth for some of the biggest Unicorn and Digital Disruptor brands in India. Fuelled by 200+ analytical & creative brains of the country, we have partnered with 500+ brands such as Urban Company, Lenskart, Cred, Blinkit, Forest Essentials, and Mamaearth. The company has expanded globally with offices based in Delhi/NCR & Singapore.For the last decade, ET Medialabs has been India’s leading and fastest-growing Growth Advertising and Analytics company for digital-first brands. Over the last few years, we have seen numerous milestones out of which one was when we launched an app-focused vertical and were recognised by Google as the digital agency with the highest growth in the App Ecosystem. Riding on our growth wave, we then launched an international expansion and set up an office in Singapore in 2022, also crossing $10 M in ARR. Recently, ET Medialabs also won the prestigious Google Premier Award 2022 for Brand Awareness for our exceptional work on Kapiva.

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Our offerings include Performance Marketing, Brand Advertising, CRO & Experiments, Marketing BI & Insights, Performance Ad Creatives, GA4 & First Party Data & Attribution Modeling and thus, delivering the complete Growth Advertising Stack.

Many industry giants have worked with the company. Is it possible to tell a few success stories of your clients?

Over 500 hyper-growth brands in India and over 10,000 campaigns have been executed by the company.

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For one of our clients, Mamaearth, we strategised growth through Analytics and improved overall system efficiency by 20%.

We were able to help another prominent client, Urban Company, scale 2X in a quarter while keeping the total under control.

For Atomberg, we were able to combine the right audience signals with rightgeos to bring about a 31.3% increase in the relative lift for awareness.

Our work on Kapiva, a modern Ayurveda brand, which received incredible appreciation in the industry and was nominated for a prestigious award, received a prestigious award. Kapiva achieved significant success with the launch of Skin Foods-Glow mix. The product was launched in January of 2023 and has since been scaled to over $100,000 a month. Kapiva is planning to add more products in the future.

Data analysis is important for growth and performance marketing companies. How do you figure out new ways to help your clients?

The need to fully utilize user information is more important than ever in growth and performance marketing. With a strong emphasis on data, we invest a lot in building our analytical capabilities which include employee training and development of in-house platforms.

Adbytzz is an ad intelligence and technology platform. It allows us to derive effective strategies for our partner brands by analyzing blended data from multiple platforms. We are different in the ever-evolving world of growth and performance marketing because of our commitment to data driven solutions. Some benefits that brands can derive from using Adbytzz are listed below.

It is possible to build custom dashboards to meet each client's needs. Data visualization, Real-Time Monitoring, Performance & Goal Tracking, Data Integration, Reporting and Communication are some of the main uses of dashboard. This allows us to make decisions based on data.

First-party data is the data collected directly from customers or audiences through their interactions with the website, app, or other owned marketing channels First Party Data is used for audience insights, personalization and retargeting. We can achieve better results over time by refining our campaigns. The benefits are also used by us.

The S2S integration ensures accurate and reliable data tracking.

Offline events tracking helps bridge the gap between online and offline interactions.

Making the most of MMPs is important in the mobile advertising space. Tracking and analyzing mobile app installs, in-app events, and user engagement is what MMPs specialize in. MMPs help in mobile app tracking, conversion and event tracking, Attribution analysis, cohort analysis, audience segment, real-time reporting, integration with ad networks and analytics platforms, fraud detection and prevention.

GA is used for website traffic analysis, Attribution modeling, behavior analysis, audience analysis, E-commerce analysis, customization and integration.

Our teams are currently using artificial intelligence for data processing and cleansing, pattern recognition and Predictive Analytics, Personalization and customer journey analysis.

The ads are powered by artificial intelligence. How can it help you with your strategy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a significant impact on marketing for enterprises in various ways. It really is the talk of the hour but it has been playing a vital role in the Growth Advertising for many, many years now. From smart bidding to Performance Max, Google has been at the forefront when it comes to utilizing AI to transform digital advertising. With the latest developments, Google is all set to elevate the digital ad ecosystem with its conversational & generative AI along with robust privacy updates to further cement user trust.

Artificial intelligence can help marketers around the world.

Performance marketers can use the power of artificial intelligence to reach the right audience. It is possible to ensure that ads are seen by people who are most interested in the product or service being advertised.

Performance marketers can use artificial intelligence to automate tasks such as reporting on results and managing budgets. The time can be freed up for marketers to focus on other things.

Data analysis and insights can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. Valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends can be gained.

Customer experience and personalization can be enhanced by using artificial intelligence. Customer inquiries, real-time support, and personalized recommendations can be offered by virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can help in the creation of content. Natural language generation can be used to create written content.

Marketing automation is enabled by the use of artificial intelligence. Email campaigns, lead nurturing, and customer segments are included.

There are some of the tools from the internet.

Machine learning and natural language processing are used in smart search campaigns to understand the user's intent and give more relevant results.

Machine learning can be used to automatically create and maximize display ads on websites and applications.

Performance Max campaigns use machine learning to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

Businesses have access to research and best practices on how to use artificial intelligence in their advertising with the help of the new tools and resources announced by the search giant. Businesses can find a central location to learn about and use artificial intelligence in the ads.

The recent conclusion of the Google Marketing Live showed that the company is committed to using artificial intelligence to improve the performance of their advertising. The coming years will be crucial to observe the transformational change that artificial intelligence can bring about, as I believe this is just the beginning.

What other platforms do you think are reliable in the future?

While the two major platforms hold the majority of the contribution of the ad spends for most advertisers, there are a few established and some upcoming ad platforms that are set to take a certain amount of the ad spend pie. We are currently running campaigns on many platforms. We are always looking for new ways to serve our partners brand. There are a few examples of this platform.

Amazon ads are very effective. These ads are specific to certain groups.

The trustworthy Quora platform is best utilized for content distribution. Ads here are easy to track and measure, so one can see exactly how effective the campaigns are.

The TikTok platform showcases ads that are easy to understand and visually appealing, which makes them more likely to grab users' attention.

The users are professionals, so the ads can be targeted to specific job titles, industries, and interests. They are used to get high quality leads.

There are last but not least, chatBots. It's possible to personalize the chat bot to make them feel like they're talking to a real person. They are easy to use andScalable.