New Survey Highlights Consumer Concern Over the Need for Transparency in Generative-AI Content

by Lindsey Francy May 30, 2023 News
New Survey Highlights Consumer Concern Over the Need for Transparency in Generative-AI Content


According to new research conducted by StoryStream, 94% of consumers would like to see more transparency and regulation around the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence. When making purchase decisions online, user-generated Content is the most authentic and trustworthy format.

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More transparency and regulation is what consumers want when it comes to the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in marketing and advertising. Businesswire has a graphic.

600 people from the USA, U.K., Canada and Australia participated in the survey, which looked at various aspects of Generative Artificial Intelligence. The findings shed light on the evolving landscape and offer valuable insights for businesses beginning to navigate the realm of artificial intelligence.

A majority of respondents believe that Generative Artificial Intelligence can replace human creativity in marketing and advertising. Only 42% of respondents were in favor of using Generative Artificial Intelligence to create content, 34% were against it, and 24% were undecided.

Only half of respondents were comfortable with the idea of Generative Artificial Intelligence, with 29% being opposed, and 20% undecided, according to a survey.

Consumers were concerned about transparency and regulation. A majority of respondents said that they would be more likely to trust a brand that was open about its use of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Alex Vaidya is the CEO of StoryStream. It has been easy to forget about the opinions of customers and consumers when it comes to the use cases for this powerful new set of tools.

Consumers who are familiar with the concept of Generative Artificial Intelligence have been asked what they would like to see from brands in their marketing and advertising. Understanding consumer expectations and concerns is important for building trust.

More than half of consumers have a generally positive impression of Generative Artificial Intelligence, according to the survey. The Gen Z respondents were most likely to have a positive impression, while the 55+ age group had the lowest positivity rate. 45% of respondents preferred user-generated content. 22% of brand-created content was created by brands, while 12% was generated by artificial intelligence and 8% by stock imagery and film.

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