From MrBeast to Logan Paul & KSI: Which YouTuber Has the Biggest Business Empire?

by Anna Munhin May 30, 2023 News
From MrBeast to Logan Paul & KSI: Which YouTuber Has the Biggest Business Empire?

Online content creation has become a recognized profession in the community. One of the most popular online creation platforms isYouTube. Within five minutes, users can find content from business professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

It is easy for creators to promote their products on the platform of their choice. YouTube is a great place for young entrepreneurs. Many famous YouTube creators have turned to business magnates such as MrBeast.

The top YouTubers have created millions of dollars in business.


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Top YouTubers Brands with multi-million dollar revenue

  • MrBeast- MrBeast Burgers and Feastables

The most popular person in the community is MrBeast. Jimmy has been dubbed the King ofYouTube by his fans. Jimmy founded a fast food restaurant called MrBeast Burger.

Feastables, a chocolate bar company, was announced after the huge success of MrBeast Burger. MrBeast Burger has hit a revenue milestone in the US according to Jimmy.


He said thatBeast Burger shared over 100 million dollars with restaurants. MrBeast Burger is just one of many business successes Jimmy has achieved. Feastables has been a huge success for the company.

The product earned over $10 million. It tastes bad in Jimmy's mouth. He doesn't care about the profits but the product. Jimmy has been successful on his entrepreneurial journey. They helped MrBeast build a multi- million dollar business.

  • KSI and Logan Paul- Prime Hydration

Have you ever heard of two rivals who had differing opinions but eventually became business associates and friends? If you don't believe that's possible, we remind you of two YouTube stars.

Many players didn't believe them when they said they were joining hands to make a hydration product. Several fans doubted the partnership would last for long. The prime hydration launch was announced by the YouTubers.

After one year of the successful launch, Paul said the drink had generated US$250 million in retail sales around the world. Major sponsorship deals have been received by the YouTube hydration company.

Prime Hydration made a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl commercial a few months ago.

David Dobrik is a well-known content creator on the internet. David joined the other food businesses from online creators, like MrBeast Burger and Dylan Lemay. Doughbrik's opened its doors back in November.

David's food business has been a huge success despite him taking a break from his channel. LA Magazine reported that the business drew lines so long that they spilled onto Sunset Boulevard.

Ryan Kaji is one of the youngest creators on the video sharing site. Ryan's World was started by his parents and he is famous for it.


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Ryan's World has over 30 million subscribers on the video sharing site. Wonder Share featured him in a post about the top 10 richest YouTubers in the world. Ryan is a big name in the video sharing industry.

Ryan is well known for his toy reviews and his team decided to launch kids products in the market. There is a question about what could be the best kid product. Ryan's World didn't need a marketing strategy to market their products.


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50 million views is a minimum per video count, according to MrBeast's analytic data.

One of the most successful kid's toy businesses was built because of their focus on creating the best kids' toy products in the market.