An interview with Shirin Hameed, CMO of Detroit Engineered Products

by Anna Munhin May 30, 2023 News
An interview with Shirin Hameed, CMO of Detroit Engineered Products

The CAE industry has come a long way from the traditional way of operating, according to the CMO of Detroit engineered Products.

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Tell us about the market landscape for Detroit engineered products. What are the key trends shaping the market today?

The Department of Environmental Protection operates across two major sectors. We provide for a wide range of industries including automotive,biomed, consumer goods electronics, and oil and gas We work with customers to execute their projects.

The product development process at the design stage is transformed by our proprietary software called MeshWorks.

The CAE industry has changed a lot from the way it used to be. Businesses have been affected by many technological innovations. It is possible to find quicker, more effective, and more productive solutions thanks to digital twin technologies. The engineering sector is changing due to these tools.

TechGraph asked how Detroit engineered products differentiates itself from its competitors. What is it that makes it unique to customers?

We offer a high level of flexibility and customization to the customer because we can use our proprietary software. Customers can create CAE models far faster if they use a single- user integrated CAE platform.

They can use a single platform to carry out a number of processes, such as concept generation, and design. The man hours saved can be calculated from the multi-disciplinary tools. We offer high levels of flexibility and customization to our customers because we can provide solutions using our custom software.

Can you talk about Detroit engineered products' target audience and customer segments? The company tailors its marketing and messaging to reach certain groups.

As a company with vast expertise in service and technology, we help customers in the product development segment by saving time and money. Almost all of the companies we work with form the bulk of our business, and we are proud to say that. We work in a number of industries including oil and gas.

Customers can find a one-stop shop for all their developmental assistance needs, including benchmarking, design concepts, detailed design, simulation, testing, and other services.

Our approach is always tailored to address customer challenges. One-size-fits-all marketing is something we don't believe in. Depending on the pain points of the target group, we distribute our audience into them.

What channels and tactics does Detroit engineered products use to promote its products and services? The company measures its marketing success.

Multi-channel marketing is how we keep our customers and prospects engaged with us. We maintain a strong online presence while investing in events. To maintain a top-of-mind recall with customers, marketers have to work extra hard to create more relevant and engaging content.

Depending on the objectives of the campaign we set out with, we use various metrics to measure marketing success. A campaign to attract new prospects in a new geographic area would have different metrics than a campaign to keep existing prospects and clients engaged. A mix of metrics like Overall impressions, Lead generation response rates, Cost-per-lead,ROI, and lifetime value of a customer are looked at

How does Detroit engineered products stay up to date with the latest marketing trends? Do you have any recent examples of innovative marketing campaigns?

Our marketing team stays on top of market trends and technologies and integrates our marketing campaigns with the latest. The campaign that paid off was around the auto expo. Our flagship CAE platform, MeshWorks, integrates a specialized electrification module for the market. In order to get a favorable outcome, we were able to sync up our marketing campaigns across channels.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges facing Detroit engineered products in the coming years? What is the company's plan to navigate and exploit these trends?

We need to innovate our services and technologies to maintain our competiveness. We can offer cutting-edge solutions that satisfy our clients' changing needs by carefully observing market trends. We are focused on new product development using our enhanced capabilities. We are investing in cloud computing and artificial intelligence for meshworks

In the latest version of our software, we have integrated MeshWorks with a number of other features. The 35% improvement in growth is the result of implementing a meticulously planned product development strategy. We are involved in manufacturing automation and ADAS.