Tribes group acquires V-Square Media to create media entity

by Anna Munhin May 29, 2023 News
Tribes group acquires V-Square Media to create media entity

The ministry of information and broadcasting is in the process of finalising the national policy on the animation, visual effects, gaming and comic industry.

Chandra said that the task force report was thrown open for feedback after it was formulated. A lot of comments are getting incorporated. The core for the national policy will go for inter-ministerial consultation before the final policy is announced.

A draft AVGC policy was put out for the state governments in public domain after a consultation with the state governments. The state governments were told what they were expected to do in the conclave.

The Secretary said that they put it out to the state governments to frame their own policy. He mentioned that some of the state governments were ahead of the others as they were already doing something in regards to the AVGC policy.

Chandra said that the sector requires a cross-section of work from various ministries and state governments to meet the challenges of education and skilling.

The core of making skilled manpower available is skilling and education. We are in touch with the education department of India, as well as NCERT and all the other stakeholders to incorporate animation courses and visual effect courses into school curriculums.

Chandra said that a National Centre of excellence may be set up in Mumbai by next year. The National Centre of excellence has been on the drawing board for more than seven years, but we hope this is the last year. We want to involve the private sector and so we are partnering with CII and FICCI so that it remains a private sector entity. It gives more flexibility in terms of operations, in terms of hiring of faculty and manpower, and in the design of the courses.

The government wants to create regional centers so that more people can be trained to work in the industry. The National Centre for excellence will be established in Mumbai by next year, according to the Secretary.

India has the potential to become a global content leader, thanks to the rapid growth of the AVGC sector. The country has a small share of the global revenue. The industry hopes that the number will improve as a result of the task force.

In a conversation with Praveen Someshwar, the co-chair of the FICCI Media & Entertainment Committee, he said that the public broadcaster is undergoing a transformation.

There will be many new serials on Prasar Bharati within a month. It is going through a change. New films are coming back on Prasar Bharati which were not there before. Fresh content is being created and regional films will begin.

Stakeholders were invited to participate in the transformation of Prasar Bharati.