The Vegan Beauty Builder

by Anna Munhin May 29, 2023 News
The Vegan Beauty Builder

You're reading an article about a franchise of a media company.

According to the founder and CEO of Plum, brick-and-mortar stores were forced to shut down as a result of the Pandemic. There was an increase in traffic to our website as well as an increase in online sales. There was a huge change in the way content is consumed. People began to consume more content. As a result of this, we increased our content marketing efforts through our social media channels. We were able to enter their consideration set earlier than before.

The increased focus on self-care is related to Plum's business and was brought about by the swine flu. With more people looking for safe and effective personal care products, it became clear that the digital space presented a huge opportunity for them to reach out to a wider audience. The evolving needs of customers have shaped Plum's journey in the D2C domain. As the market continues to premiumize, they have been focused on building a strong, loyal community of customers who enjoy high-quality, effective, and vegan beauty products.

The approach has been to introduce new and innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers. We plan to expand our hair care portfolio in the coming months by launching more face wash and skin care products. We recently launched our colour cosmetics category with nail paints and lipsticks, and plan to scale this aggressively. To expand into newer regions, the brand is taking the distribution route and focusing on trade partners to take the brand to the right segment. They have distributors in a number of countries around India. Plum has a presence in fifteen countries.

A year was spent researching ingredients, product formulas, packaging, and branding before he launched the brand. Plum was launched through our website once the initial product range was finished. Since the beginning of the year, our revenue has grown by 25x, and we have ambitious plans to scale up even further in the future. The brand wanted to have physical outlets as they were expanding their offerings and entered new categories. Plum has an ARR of 400 cr+. In a short time, the goal is to reach 500 million dollars.

There are facts.

Own D2C website resulted in maximum revenue.

For FY 2022-23, turnover is over 300 million dollars.

Half of all sales are done online and the other half are done offline.

The year in which Inception took place.

The customer repeat ratio is 40%.

External funding raised is over 50 million dollars.