Who is Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's 'superwoman'?

by Lindsey Francy May 29, 2023 News
Who is Linda Yaccarino, Twitter
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Linda Yaccarino is an advertising executive. Is that enough at the micro-messaging service?

Why would the head of advertising at one of America's biggest media companies want to leave to lead a social media platform that has a spotty business record and is owned by a notorious person?

Lou has known Linda Yaccarino for more than 20 years.

He says that she likes to be a superwoman. He says she would step in and fix it.

Is she able to?

There were problems before Musk took over.

The business has struggled to break even since it was launched in 2006 and has been criticized for how it polices misinformation and hate speech.

Growth, whether measured by users or money brought in, has been rough.

The issues have worsened since Mr Musk took over.

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Advertisers have left and users are skeptical. Six in 10 adults in the US are taking a break, and a quarter don't expect to use the app in a year, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

The $44 billion purchase by Mr Musk was only under threat of a lawsuit. He joked that only a fool would want the title of CEO.

Ms Yaccarino has a degree in telecommunications from Penn State.

The daughter of a police officer has risen through the ranks of some of the biggest media companies in the US, forging a reputation as a high-heeled and hard-charging executive who has helped steer entertainment giant NBCUniversal through the upheaval.

linda Yaccarino and actor Terry CrewsImage source, Getty Images
Image caption, Ms Yaccarino's social media accounts are dotted with celebrity appearances. She is pictured here with actor Terry Crews, who appeared on the NBC sitcom Brooklyn 99

At NBCU, home to brands such as NBC News, Ms Yaccarino overhauled the ad sales business, pushed the 2020 launch of its ad-supported streaming platform Peacock, and drove industry-wide debates about data gaps as audiences migrate online.

The mother-of-two, who met her husband on a blind date and became a grandmother last year, was known to want some kind of promotion after a decade at NBCU.

After she defended Mr Musk at a conference last year, there was a lot of speculation about her interest in the social networking site.

After her new post was announced, she said she had been inspired by your vision. I'm excited to help make this vision a reality.

The chief executive of AJL Advisory says that Mr Musk has bought trust from advertisers.

GroupM, which represents brands such as Coca-Cola, has already stated that it sees the platform as less risky.

RepairingTwitter's business will be a lot of work.

The platform isn't a must- buy for big ad buyers because it's too small.

Media caption,

Musk says he has met his match.

Beyond advertising, she will also face a number of pressing issues, including regulatory scrutiny of hate speech and privacy controls, lawsuits from landlords, vendors and former staff, and user complaints, like the malfunction that plagued the high-profile interview with Republican.

Mr Musk has said that he will remain involved at the site, overseeing products and technology.

Anyone taking this job has been set up to fail. The question is if the odds are in her favor. The chances are more favorable.

Ms Yaccarino's background in television is expected to improve the platform's ad business and expand the use of video across the site, according to her friends and former colleagues.

She believes that Mr Musk's vision of a "the everything app" is a great opportunity for advertisers.

The founder and chief executive of Brightline says that she has the guts and courage to take big swings.

She will be able to blend what's been successful in the past with what advertisers are looking for if she gets the space to do it.

Ms Yaccarino may not have enough room to run.

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The phenomenon of women reaching positions of power only at the riskiest moments has been suggested by some commentators.

"As someone used to wearing 4 inch heels, let's be clear: I don't teeter," Ms Yaccarino said in response to the analysis.

At an industry conference before her appointment, Ms Yaccarino pressed Mr Musk to explain what "freedom of speech, not freedom of reach" meant and how it differed from rules at other companies.

She asked Mr Musk if he would stop posting on his account, but she didn't get a firm commitment from him.

He told CNBC that he would say what he wanted even if it cost him money.

Ms Yaccarino, who has described her strategy for dealing with difficult colleagues aspatience and wine, is entering her new role clear-eyed about the risks, according to her friends.

According to Ms Yaccarino, Linda is a "soul sister" and that she is not afraid.

Linda is fearless and always looking for a solution. She is a person that will push the industry forward.

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