Pioneering with Purpose - The Bold Group and Saffron Consultants host brand leadership event in Riyadh

by Anna Munhin May 28, 2023 News
Pioneering with Purpose - The Bold Group and Saffron Consultants host brand leadership event in Riyadh

A brand leadership event will be held at The Sima Space in Riyadh on May 30th. The event will look at how Saudi brands are reinventing for the future prosperity of the Kingdom and how the nation will be a branding destination and hub.

The Bold Group and Saffron Consultants host brand leadership event in Riyadh.

The event will bring together experienced Saudi marketers across destination, financial and telecom sectors as well as international pioneers in mobility. Majed Al-Johar, Senior Marketing Director for Saudi Payments, is one of the speakers at the event.

The rapid rise in growth and demand for branding and creative services in Saudi Arabia was caused by the reforms delivered as part of Vision 2030. An event with Saffron will explore how purpose-driven brand leadership can engage new generations and accelerate innovation in a new era of memorable experiences for the Kingdom.

Jacob Benbunan said it was a privilege for Saffron to be involved in the transformation of the Kingdom. The world is watching as Saudi Arabian brands set new standards for innovation. Brand building's future is theirs to pioneer and be remembered for.

The first roundtable will look at the role of purpose-driven place brands in achieving the current state of destination branding in Saudi Arabia. Insights from pioneers in transportation technology and digital financial products and services will be shared in the second Roundtable.

Building brand experiences in the metaverse will be addressed in the final part of the event. The Chief Creative Officer of Saffron Brand Consultants, Gabor Schreier, will offer strategies for drawing on the technology's opportunities for the brands and the people of the Kingdom.

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There is a group called the bold group.

The Bold Group is a Saudi independent creative community that consists of three units. The multi-disciplinary agency has worked with over 180 clients and has over 90 professionals spread across two offices. The group encourages innovation in everything they do. It is at the core of their business that they keep evolving. Brand building, creative communication, and creative technologies are some of the services they offer.

The Public Investment Fund is one of the key clients.

The WINA Award was one of the awards that were presented.

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It's about Saffron.

Saffron has offices in London, Madrid, Vienna and Istanbul. Making brands memorable is what we do. Our clients include Facebook Company with its new name of Meta, as well as the Supreme Committee of Qatar, PIF, Gulf Air, Abu Dhabi Ports, Turkey, and The Valuable 500.

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The photo is titled "Pioneering withPurpose."

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