Ad of the Day: VW touts tech in charming ad starring opportunistic dry cleaners

by Samuel Pordengerg May 26, 2023 News
Ad of the Day: VW touts tech in charming ad starring opportunistic dry cleaners

The nosey owners of the dry-cleaning store take advantage of the unfolding drama across the street in the movie.

Volkswagen is promoting its Park Assist Pro feature in an ad that shows a couple of business owners observing what is happening outside their shop. The everyday struggle of entering narrowly parked cars is depicted in an ad.

The final scene ends with a Volkswagen Touareg driver who uses the app to navigate his vehicle out of a tight spot and leaves a couple looking on bewildered.

"Seeing the park-assist pro feature through the unusual point-of-view of our two charming dry-cleaning owners and presenting it as an effortless, everyday problem-solver, creates the fun, lighthearted tone that perfectly sets the stage for the new Touareg."

The combination of a great cast, a strong cinematic story and a clever twist that comes from an excellent creative idea make this a nice addition to the long heritage of funny and entertaining Volkswagen spots.

There are credits.

The DDB voltage is low.

Tim Wettstein is the Chief Creative Officer.

The executive creative direction is Thomas Koch.

Heitor Buchalla directed the creative direction.

Simon Pre was involved in the strategy.

The art director is Heitor.

Sarah is the business director.

Account management is done by Anne and Gil.

The film is directed by Kay Kienzler.

Roman Mllegger is a doP.

Gernot Jurisch- Navarro is an executive producer.

Matthew was the head of post.

Baisch is the editor.

The color grade was given byStefan King.

The service production is in Cape Town.

The music is by Johannes Repka.

The sound design is by Schwarm Audio.

There is a car called Volkswagen.

Dr. Gilbert Heise is the director of VW's brand strategy.

The head of marketing content is a doctor.

Christine Karnagel and Torne Krger are marketers.

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