Franchises Use Local Digital Marketing to Build Brand Loyalty

by Jacob Solomon May 26, 2023 News
Franchises Use Local Digital Marketing to Build Brand Loyalty

Franchising a well-known brand can be an advantage when opening a new unit. To make a store stand out, more needs to be done locally.

Damian Rollison, the director of market insights at Soci, said that the local effort via digital marketing and social media platforms allows franchisors to be more recognized in their communities.

Rollison said that you will win over more people if you appear like those local businesses.

Multi-location brands use Soci to scale their digital efforts. Jersey Mike's and Ace Hardware are two brands that the company works with.


Rollison said that brands are able to engage with local customers by doing things like posting on social networks and responding when customers have feedback in the form of reviews. A part of a brand's website is in charge of us. There is a link at the top of a national brand website that leads to a local store. We take over that area.

Building up the social media presence is the most important service that Soci provides.

The average brand needs to increase their availability in social networks at the local level. The average brand has about 500 followers. There is room for growth in terms of attracting local audiences to follow your brand.

It takes more than just posting ads. He noted that consumers don't like promotional content. They are interested in seeing content that appeals to them. An example of a brand that provides value to local communities is Ace Hardware. I need to fix things around the house at the local pawn shop. They provide value by posting helpful content, tips and tricks around the house.


The BiggerBolder rewards program was introduced through the mobile app.

Personalization of message is important.

Ensuring its messaging is tailored for guests in each area is one of the goals of taco john's.

"We love to bring new product innovation to guests dependent on what exciting news is doing well in their area." By being active in their communities, theTaco John's and its franchisees do an amazing job in connecting with guests. Whether it's charity work, volunteering, or partnering with TV and radio networks in the area.

Taylor said that the taco concept is building a line of communication with its customers through its app.

Taylor said that they wanted to connect with their guests in a fun and exciting way that made their food relevant to their day-to-day lives. In order to improve their digital experience with us, we constantly monitor guest feedback through the taco john's mobile app. Expansion of delivery coverage through DoorDash is in the works.


Mark Hand, Director of Digital Marketing at Sport Clips, said that building local loyalty is important.

The nature of the business is local. It cannot be ordered online. A person needs to go to a salon to have their hair cut. Being hyper-local is the most important thing to do in order to achieve that. Someone isn't just going to drive out of their way to get here. There is no other reason for them to be.

Sport Clips franchisees receive local marketing assistance and are encouraged to create unique messaging to their market according to Hand.

Some of the resources and training for the franchisees are provided by us. The baseline of support will be provided by us and they will be able to use it. It's more than that. We give them ideas, but we also want them to personalize their stores.

Digital marketing is used by the parent company of more than 30 home services brands.


The Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer said that the company invests a lot in both paid and social media to grow traffic and convert it into jobs. Digital advertising campaigns can generate awareness and at the local level it can be converted into traffic.

Facebook is the largest social media platform. He said that people can now book services through Facebook. reestablishing contact with the audience is how we deepen our reach.

Rollison is starting to feel the need for these efforts as the country's demographic changes. Many younger customers are discovering these brands on social media.

Taylor said that reaching a younger consumer through their social media platforms keeps them relevant. It's important for us as a brand to spread our communications through different channels to fight the metaverse.