Go Cheese picks TV over digital; spends 8% of its budget on '23 IPL

by Jacob Solomon May 26, 2023 News
Go Cheese picks TV over digital; spends 8% of its budget on

Akshali Shah, executive director at Parag Milk Foods, was surprised by the success of the league.

Go Cheese, from the house of India's leading dairy player Parag Milk Foods, has been trying to create a buzz around the ongoing Indian premier league. Around 8% of the brand's total marketing budget has been spent on the Indian Premiere League.

The brand is betting that the tournament will get more viewers on the Star Sports network.

Akshali Shah is the executive director of Parag Milk Foods.

Thanks to our TV presence, our brand has gotten a lot of attention. The all-time TV viewing record has been broken this year. The platform is the perfect place to be present.

We spent a large amount of our marketing budget on the event. It has been a flawless journey thanks to the reach and distribution of the company.

The brand has a slogan, 'Har four mein go cheese'.

Shah says that it wants to do a lot of content marketing.

You will see the Go Cheese brand when a player hits a four. We see ourselves doing more of this in the future because we want to be a part of the content instead of being visible only during the ad breaks.

Akshali Shah, executive director, Parag Milk Foods
Akshali Shah, executive director, Parag Milk Foods

The thing that made us stand out was that we tried to create a moment. We tried to keep it current and relevant. When a player hits a four, the viewers will see it as a chance to have a snack and cheese.

Shah says that when you watch a sport, it becomes your family viewing time. You tap the consumer when you watch TV. People are either in or out of the internet. A consumer in digital is not with his family. We want to target young mothers and teens who are watching the game. They are the main consumers of cheese.

The IPL has exceeded all of our expectations. The brand has been broadcasted more than 3000 times.

During an episode of the popular TV show, Anupamaa, there was a brand integration. The lead couple and their daughter visited a Go Cheese factory while on a trip.