Marketing Masterclass: How to create unstoppable sales

by Lindsey Francy May 25, 2023 News
Marketing Masterclass: How to create unstoppable sales

There is a secret to laser-like conversions from your content.

Andrew and Pete, who are regarded as the best content marketers on the planet, share their secrets about creating unstoppable sales in a webinars that I stumbled upon after reading our last Marketing Masterclass article.

I wanted to share the results from this session with you.

Stop guessing what content and sales messages you think will convert customers into sales

Continue reading to learn the secret to knowing exactly what will convert customers with laser-like precision so that you can build funnel, content and automation to drive more sales than you could ever imagine.

How can I generate sales for my business?

There are a lot of ways you can make money. Clear and value-added content can be published on your website. Product and service updates can be shared on your social channels or via email.

What’s the bet your sales funnels look like this?

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I bet it covers the above stages when you create a sales funnel.

The sales funnel of a piano teacher selling online piano courses could look like this.

  1. Create awareness – Facebook live video of beginner 101 piano lessons;
  2. Lead generation – Send an ad to those that watch the initial Facebook live video with another offer;
  3. Sales conversion – Invite those that clicked on the lead generation advert and offer them a free online taster session;
  4. Objection handling – Handle all their objections by talking about price. Give an example of the customer’s typical monthly spending on coffee versus how much it costs for a piano lesson.

The problem with guessing

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The problem is that we often don't know what's going on. We spend monthsAutomating a funnel that simply doesn't work to build them.

It can give your confidence a dent

It can affect your confidence if the funnel you created doesn't work. It can affect the bottom line of your business if you don't believe in your abilities anymore.

Sometimes the scariest things offer the greatest rewards.

The things that will have the biggest impact on your business are the most difficult to do. If you can get them, it can be worth it.

It is often the scariest thing that offers the most reward. Don't delay; build a sales funnel and you'll get results.

Guesstimating and automating are terrible for business

Guestimating the steps your ideal customer might take to consider buying from you is bad news for your business. To truly understand what your ideal customer wants, you have to ask them. Direct conversations with your prospects are required.

I'm afraid! That sounds frightening.

Start making conversation with your ideal customers

If you host calls with your would-be customers, it's golden. You can listen to their feedback. Understand their arguments.

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If you push a sale the first time, you will probably get a hard no.

Convert what you’ve learned into your sales message

If you know what your ideal customers want, you can put that content into your sales messages. You can convert your funnel into conversations.

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It's not possible to build the perfect funnel on guess work. It is the only way to get rid of the guesswork. Honesty is the only way to verify each step. Understand what it takes to cross the line. A sales funnel can be built from there.

Validate what they want, don’t guess what they need

One thing you want to capture is the true feelings of your customers. What they want is more important than what they need. It is possible that the difference between want and need is not the same. You may think that what you offer is what they need, but it isn't. Ask your customers what they want to know.

Let’s talk about objections and how to overcome them

We believe we have the customer's objections covered. Have we? I know. They say it's too expensive, they don't need it, and they're already buying something from a competitor. How can you be certain that you know your customers?

It's time to stop guessing.

You will uncover the deep-rooted reasons why people are not buying from you if you start asking why.

Why do you think that is?

It's a good idea to ask your customers why they think that is. It will allow you to understand why customers won't buy from you.

I don't have the time to think about it.

Why do you believe that is?

I have too much to do.

Why do you believe that is?

I'm stressed out because I need to finish all my work to make sure I have enough money to pay my bills.

There's it. They can't buy from you because they worry that your service will take up too much of their time. They want to work less but make more money.

Potential customers will be able to earn more in less time if they use your service or buy your product.

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Building the perfect sales funnel takes time

We want to build the perfect sales funnel so we can start to see the sales come in, and we want to do it quickly so we don't have to wait.

It can be difficult to create the ideal sales funnel. Don't try to guess the important parts and just hope it works. Slow down.

The phrase "You need to go slower to go faster" has been used before. This is something that is very close to home. It takes a lot of time to make those calls. To make sure you cover what your customers want in your sales content.

You will be able to create better marketing and a better sales process if you take the time to work through this process.