Buying Digital Advertising for Your Self-Storage Operation: Options, Benefits and Tips

by Jacob Solomon May 25, 2023 News
Buying Digital Advertising for Your Self-Storage Operation: Options, Benefits and Tips

Your self-storage operation is in the market. You are all doing well, even though you have competitors. Everyone keeps their facilities at or above the idealOccupancy Rate. You don't need any more advertising than your signs, the local paper or website. Everything is going well.

Bob, who owns a facility up the street, is going to retire and sell his property to a real estate investment trust. Roberta is one of the storage owners in your area. You go from economic stability to fear. You should not. You need to increase your marketing efforts.

Paying for space on various online channels to promote your products and services is a low-cost and high-reward way to reset the playing field. Let's look at ways to boost your self-storage business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a powerful tool that helps businesses to increase their online visibility and drive sales. It has a variety of ad types for targeting your self-storage audience. display ads are shown on third-party websites in the form of banners while search ads appear on search engine results pages. Video and social media ads can be seen on various platforms.

There are a number of benefits provided by pay per click.

  • It offers precise targeting, enabling you to reach your audience based on demographics, interests and behaviors.
  • You have control over your ad spend, allowing you to allocate your budget to the most effective channels.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it cost-effective.
  • It’s measurable, with tools like Google Analytics enabling you to track performance in real time.

Some of the drawbacks of this type of advertising are listed.

  • Competition for ad space can be fierce, driving up the cost per click.
  • PPC requires a certain level of expertise to set up and optimize campaigns.
  • Fatigue may occur if consumers become accustomed to seeing the same ads repeatedly.

Depending on the model you choose, the cost of pay per click varies. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you can pay by the click, per 1,000 ad impressions, or when a user makes a purchase.

Social Media

Businesses have access to a vast audience with the popularity of social media ads. The most relevant viewers for each campaign are identified by analyzing online behavior and interests. The level of precise targeting can result in higher engagement.

Self-storage marketers can use a variety of formats for their social media ads. A more authentic experience can be created by integrating your message into the user's feed.

Digital advertising is cost-effective and allows you to control your ad spend. Real-time performance tracking allows you to monitor campaigns and make changes to them in real time. Brand awareness, engagement and conversions can be increased by these ads.

Programmatic Advertising

The last few years have seen the emergence of this method of marketing. Programmatic advertising uses some of the same platforms as pay per click but uses software to automate the buying process This will allow you to target your audience in a more efficient way.

Smaller businesses can use some programmatic software and agencies to access traditional advertising platforms. As local TV and radio stations look to open new streams of revenue in the digital world, pooling the buying power of several small brands is how this works.

Streaming TV ads are popular. Self-storage businesses can buy space on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. The approach uses data to target customers based on their interests. Pre-, mid- or post-roll can be used as ad formats.

Streaming ads can be more cost-effective than traditional TV ads as you can set a smaller budget and aim it precisely where you want it to go. It is becoming more and more popular for companies to use this option.

There are other types of advertising.

  • Display: This allows you to post banner ads on websites or apps. Choose between various sizes and formats, such as static or animated.
  • Native: This type of advertising blends in with the content of a website or app. It appears as sponsored content or an advertorial, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Audio: This targets users based on their listening habits. Choose between pre- or mid-roll ads.

Digital pay per click, social media and programmatic advertising give self-storage businesses a range of benefits. It is possible to reach your potential customers efficiently through a range of channels.

You don't need to do this on your own. Several industry companies are focused on this type of marketing. Today's changing landscape can be helped by them. You can find a team you can work with if you talk to them and learn about their philosophy.

For more than a decade,CJ Pomerantz has worked in digital marketing for clients in industries such as pets, powersports, and real estate. He is the product manager for Automatit, a company that provides digital marketing services to the self-storage industry. Call 520.214.3628 if you have any questions.