Mothership signs 2-year partnership with recommendation platform Outbrain

by Jacob Solomon May 25, 2023 News
Mothership signs 2-year partnership with recommendation platform Outbrain

Outbrain Inc., a recommendation platform for the open web, has entered a two year partnership with Singapore's youth focused digital news platform, Mothership.

Mothership will feature Outbrain's artificial intelligence-driven customisation technology, Smartlogic. Advertisers will be able to reach younger, hard-to-reach audiences with an inventory from Smartlogic.

Mothership is able to further monetise its traffic by personalising the user experience and content recommendations for readers, thanks to Outbrain's Smartlogic technology. On May 23, the company announced a partnership.

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Mothership will become a partner of Outbrain.

Younger audiences are hard to reach for many marketers. Outbrain's innovative technology and data-driven approach will provide new ways to communicate with this vibrant group.

Daniel Ho, head of corporate development at Mothership said, "We are excited to adopt Outbrain's artificial intelligence-driven customisation with editorial, ad, and layout prediction to better serve our audiences and generate positive brand value."

In an effort to improve audience outreach, Singapore's media network Mediacorp has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a local technology research company.

The companies will look to co-create new digital and on-grounds in the technology and innovation space for advertisers to drive stronger engagement with audiences.

At its Google Marketing live event yesterday, it was announced that it will begin implementing generative artificial intelligence to enhance and adapt search ads. There is already an established foundation with the execution of automatically created assets for search ads.

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Mediacorp's digital ad inventory includes Mothership, the Asian parent and Popcorn.

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