Clearview Social announces “Social Shuffle,” powered by ChatGPT

by Lindsey Francy May 24, 2023 News
Clearview Social announces “Social Shuffle,” powered by ChatGPT

A new artificial intelligence integration called "Social Shuffle" is powered by Openai. A new feature automatically creates variations of a company's social media posts to eliminate redundant posts.

It is possible for marketers to create unique content without having to use a separate license or jump between applications. The new tool makes it easy for marketing, communications, and social media teams to come up with variations of company social posts.

Colin Walsh, general manager of Clearview Social, said that marketers don't have the time or resources to create multiple versions of the content that needs to be shared. Similar yet unique posts that bring an effortless, creative flair to marketing efforts can be created with the help of an artificial intelligence system.

Saving time and effort for marketing staff is one of the benefits of social shuffle. Users have complete control over the process by vetting and approving the content before it is shared. The feature is easy to turn on and off.

User feedback will inform new uses for the language models as the technology matures. In the future, artificial intelligence will help marketing teams with all aspects of the social media used to boost revenue and awareness through their company's employee advocacy program.

Walsh said that artificial intelligence is helping legal, accounting, recruiting and other professionals to use new technologies in helpful ways.

Existing approval and compliance checks can be integrated with Social Shuffle. Business-grade data privacy and security is offered by the tool.

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