Beer using pornographic marketing has been removed from the Australian market

by Jacob Solomon May 22, 2023 News
Beer using pornographic marketing has been removed from the Australian market

A brew called the 'Barely LegalIPA' has been withdrawn from the Australian market after a social media maelstrom erupted about its name and marketing.

An Australian beer company was forced to withdraw a brew almost four times the strength of a standard beer due to complaints over its questionable name and marketing.

The beer is called the Barely LegalIPA and has an alcohol content of 18.1 per cent and a logo that mimics Porn Hub.

You are not alone if a highly potent alcoholic beverage designed to look like the world's largest pornography company and leaning into the sexualisation of minor makes you cringe.

The Barely LegalIPA was pulled from the Great Australian Beer Spectacular due to a lot of complaints.

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The co-founder of Two Birds, Australia's first female-owned brewery, called on the festival to drop the beer because of its association with young females.

She said, "It glorifies sexualising minor and young women, which to us is inappropriate, and especially has no place in relation to an 18.2% alcohol beer."

The alcohol percentage for most beers in Australia is around 5 percent.

According to the Global Drug Survey, Australians drink to the point of drunkenness 27 times a year, which is almost double the global average of 15 times, and they seek emergency medical treatment for alcohol-related disorders at a higher rate than the global average.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, 50 per cent of women who were attacked by a male perpetrators thought alcohol or another substance was to blame.

According to estimates, one in two Australian women will experience sexual harassment in their lifetime.

According to recent data collected by Drink Agents for Change looking into sexism and harassment within the industry, 92 percent of the participants had experienced discrimination and 57 percent had experienced harassment.

The president of Australia's non-profit Pink Boots Society said that beer events are often unsafe for those who work in the industry.

Think about how they feel when they have to serve a beer with a legal name.

Blackflag Brewing apologized for any distress caused and said their Porn Hub-inspired marketing theme was meant to be light-hearted.

The marketing has been stopped and a review of the process will be done.

The fact that a product with such high alcohol content and such a name and branding even made it to market to begin with is disappointing. People are going to do something about it.

The National Sexual assault, Domestic and Family violence counseling service can be reached on 1800 RESPECT.