Campari hosts a night of unforgettable moments at 76th Festival de Cannes

by Anna Munhin May 21, 2023 News
Campari hosts a night of unforgettable moments at 76th Festival de Cannes

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Campari hosted its "Discover Red" event on the heart of the Croisette, with a guest list that included Charles Melton, Luke Evans and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Campari was an official partner and host of the Discover Red event at the 76th edition of the festival.

Iconic model, Alessandra Ambrosio, attends the Campari: Discover Red event experience, celebrating the unforgettable creations of cinema.

The event was attended by an actor who was going to premiere at the festival. Charles was nominated for a breakthrough talent award at the Golden Globes for his role in the film. A model with Italian heritage was also in attendance.

During each stage of Discover Red, guests are invited to experience a series of unforgettable creations from twoMichelin Star Chefs, Christian Sinicropi and Tommaso Cecca, each of whom are icons within their own fields. Guests were inspired with a night that brought Campari's heritage in cinema to life.

Two icons of mixology and gastronomy created a multi-sensory dining experience for guests. Tommaso Cecca is the head bartender at Camparino in Galleria, which provides legendary service in Milano and is a symbol of the aperitif.

The power of imagination and Campari's place at the heart of cocktail culture were brought to the fore when guests arrived at the dinner table. Guests were guided through the evening by a narrator to accompany the audio-visual display, as the four dining chapters began with an unforgettable Campari cocktail that inspired an unforgettable dish.

Cole Walliser is the creator of viral celebrity content and a regular on the red carpet. Cole is best known for his slow-motion edits of talent at high-profile events.

Julka Villa, Campari Group's Head of Global Marketing stated that the aim of Discover Red was to bring together the icons of Campari and cinema, each of which inspired them. The elevated experience that people expect from both Campari and the Festival is what inspired our event. Each moment of Discover Red captured the unique relationship between Campari, cinema and the Festival, and guests in this world through all senses, and the night was yet another example of Campari going beyond the expected.

The legendary service of the historic Milanese bar in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was provided by Camparino in Galleria. The birthplace of Campari and the artistic and cultural context of the 20th century are both connected to Camparino.

A selection of Campari cocktails were served to guests. The Red Carpet-Cannes Edition is a fresh tasting and salty cocktail.

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The International Film Market is one of the first annual international events that contributes to the world cinematic influence due to its highly media-oriented aspect.

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Some of the world's most famous cocktails have Campari at the center. Davide Campari created something so unique and revolutionary that it has not been altered since. Campari's unique taste is due to the combination of herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. Campari is unique and distinctive and can be used in many ways. Campari is a source of passionate inspiration due to its creators' creative genius, as well as artists in different fields and the world's best bartender.

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Davide Campari opened Camparino in Galleria in Milan in 1915. The establishment opened by Davide's father in 1867 is called Caff Campari. The bar became synonymous with the city's aperitivo tradition and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. The bar will reopen to the public in autumn of next year with a refreshed identity and food and drink offering designed to consolidate its position as one of the most influential establishments in the world for lovers of mixology and gastronomy.

Actor legend, Luke Evans, enjoyed the Campari: Discover Red event experience, with a beach aperitif, immersive dinner and after party on his first night in Cannes for the 76th Annual Film Festival, celebrating the unforgettable creations of cinema.
Actor Charles Melton enjoys a Campari aperitif at Campari: Discover Red event experience ahead of his premiere for May December at the 76th Annual Festival de Cannes
No star-studded event would be complete without viral celebrity content creator and Red Carpet regular, Cole Walliser, who bought his GLAMbot to Campari’s Discover Red event.
Iconic Milanese red aperitif, Campari, hosted an Campari: Discover Red at the Martinez Hotel, celebrating the unforgettable creations of Campari, its cocktails and the cinema industry.

Campari hosts a night of unforgettable moments at the 76th-festival-de-cannes.

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