Instagram to Launch Twitter Competitor with New Text-Based App

by Jacob Solomon May 20, 2023 News
Instagram to Launch Twitter Competitor with New Text-Based App

Source: Lia Haberman

The new text-based app is being developed by Meta's subsidiary, and will be called P 92. This new development is confirmed by a leaked marketing slide and details shared in a newsletter. The text-based app could be a game-changer if it launches in June.

Technical Details of Instagrams Text-Based App

According to information shared by an anonymous creator who attended secret meetings with Meta, the app will allow users to sync up with existing followers and their "handle, bio and even verification" will carry over from their social media accounts. The app is designed to be compatible with other applications as well.

Users can expect to see a centralized feed. Text posts of up to 500 characters are allowed by the app. Users can engage with the content through likes, replies, and reposts.

Source: Lia Haberman

Creator Controls and Safety Features

In the design of the new app, safety is a priority. Users will be able to manage replies and mentions on the platform Privacy and safety settings will be transferred to the new platform from the old one. Adding additional security will be enabled with the existing community guidelines enforced.

Decentralization and Interoperability

The decentralization of the new app makes it compatible with other apps. If the users are public or have approved the third-party followers, their profiles and content will be accessible on these third-party platforms.

Tech companies are exploring the use of protocols like ActivityPub in order to increase interoperability.

No Monetization Plans Yet

There are no plans for monetization to be shared. This could mean that the app may start with no ads at all.

The introduction of the text-based app could challenge other social media platforms and further cement the position of the photo sharing service. With a large user base, the new text-based app could be the next big thing in the social media world.