Berry, Peel and ExxonMobil to use circular plastics for pet packaging

by Anna Munhin May 20, 2023 News
Berry, Peel and ExxonMobil to use circular plastics for pet packaging

ExxonMobil's Exxtend technology will be used in the three party plan. Mathew Coulton is credited via unsplash.

The use of circular plastics for food packaging is being integrated into the pet care industry.

The companies will mainly focus on integrating carbon certificate plus certified plastic for use in household brands

The plan uses ExxonMobil's Exxtend technology to recycle plastic waste.

New plastic can be used for food grade packaging under a mass balance approach.

The core value of plastic, which otherwise remains unrecycled, can be captured with this advanced recycling technology.

With the promise of advanced recycling, we can change what is traditionally considered waste and transform it into innovative products.

Increasing the use of recycled and certified-circular content helps keep precious resources in use instead of being waste in our environment.

Berry claims the final circular-plastic product result is similar to that of other plastics and is suitable for contact-sensitive, food-grade packaging applications.

Mark Liberman said: "We are committed to building a brighter future for plastic packaging and designing circularity into our solutions plays an important role in doing so."

Berry and ExxonMobil have signed an agreement to speed up the integration process.

The three companies will be helped by this move.

This is ExxonMobil's first sale of certified-circular polymers into Canada using Exxtend technology and we look forward to continuing our work across the plastic value chain to develop products that deliver exceptional performance.