How to Use Meta Messaging Ads for Quality Leads From Instagram and Facebook : Social Media Examiner

by Anna Munhin May 9, 2023 News
How to Use Meta Messaging Ads for Quality Leads From Instagram and Facebook : Social Media Examiner

Are you looking for a better way to get leads on social media? Do you want to use social media in your marketing?

You will learn how to create Meta messaging ads that lead to real conversations and how to assign leads to your team in this article.

How to Use Meta Messaging Ads for Quality Leads From Instagram and Facebook by Social Media Examiner

Over the past 6 months, Meta has introduced a number of features focused on inbox. Integrating Messenger back into the Facebook mobile app is one of the upcoming updates.

Tom Alison, Head of Facebook, said that messaging will be a priority for the platform over the next year. In his December 22nd look at the upcoming year, Adam Mosseri highlighted the importance of sparking connections.

There is a reason for this focus on DMs. Users are starting to shift away from public responses and posts on Meta platforms. They may be less likely to comment or share publicly due to the fact that they are spending more time interacting with them.

A proactive messaging strategy can be developed by brands. messaging ads can be used to target ideal customers. Business Suite can now be used to create messaging ads.

Business Suite can be opened using a desktop browser. Click the button at the top of the screen if you want to create messaging ads.


The interface may look familiar if you have created ads on your page. You can avoid having to switch to your Facebook page if you create messaging ads in Business Suite.

The platform automatically creates an ad for you when you create a message ad. It should be relevant to your business because it uses elements from your Facebook page. Most of the time it won't align with goals beyond brand awareness.


Think about your goals when designing a creative that will appeal to your audience and spark conversation. Do you want it to be that way?

  • Make prospects aware of your products and services?
  • Share a resource that would help B2C or B2B buyers make a decision?
  • Generate qualified leads for your team to follow up with later?

Do you already have a post you want to promote? You can plug in your account's existing content by clicking the use a post button. You can find the post you want to add or the post you want to find by using the search bar.


If you use an existing post for an ad, you can't change the content. The Ads Manager interface is very similar to the Business Suite interface. You don't have to modify existing content for the purpose of advertising.


After you select an ad, the Business Suite interface will prompt you to change the creative. This option is very helpful if you want to use existing content that performs well as a starting point for your ad.

If you choose to build an ad from scratch or use an existing post, you have the same options to write descriptions and headlines. The headline and description fields can be used to grab your audience's attention.

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The headline field has 25 characters, which gives you less space than usual. The description field seems to allow as much copy as a standard engagement ad built in Ads Manager.

New photos and videos can be added to your messaging ad. You can add up to five photos and videos to a carousel with an existing post. The Select Media button can be used to pull in creatives from your social media accounts.


The interface that Ads Manager doesn't currently provide allows you to source stock images from Shutterstock. This option looks to be a good choice if you are looking for a cost-effective way to make eye-catching ads.


Business Suite adjusts the media to fit the ad format when uploading a creative or pulling in an existing post. Business Suite has adjusted all of the images to display as squares, even though they originally had a mix of square and landscape aspect ratios.

Advantage+ creative is an artificial intelligence tool that can be used to improve ad performance. If you switch on this option, Meta will be able to improve performance by generating different versions of your ad.


Where do you want to get in touch with people? If you use Business Suite to create messaging ads, you have the ability to send messages to other people.


All messaging apps are automatically selected by the business suite. The interface encourages you to allow all to reach a larger audience. All options are likely to drive the best performance if you don't have a specific reason for disabling placements.

Set up a template for the ad Business Suite has a message template that allows you to greet people who open your ad and then add up to three messages for them to tap.

The automated response is up to 300 characters long. These questions and answers aren't designed to create a flowing conversation Each question has to be tapped individually to see the answers.

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It is a good idea to set the answers up. It would be great if your brand could respond to engaged prospects automatically.

What questions should you ask in a messaging ad? This ad type is geared towards the top of the funnel and not the bottom of the funnel.

The questions that encourage prospects to learn about your business are the best. They could prompt prospects to explore your current offers or get directions.

Who would you like to interact with your ad? Meta automatically creates an Advantage+ audience that is based on the demographic and interests of the people who follow your Facebook page.


The most efficient way to improve your message is to use this audience. You can change the interests or demographic by clicking the pencil icon. If Meta is likely to improve performance, you should keep that in mind.


You can either target page followers directly or reach a crowd similar to your followers. If you have already created custom audiences for your ad account, you can choose to use one for your message ad.


You can use demographic, interest, and behavior targeting to create a new audience for your ads. You can't create a new audience here and you can't access all the targeting options. You have to create a campaign in Ads Manager to access advanced targeting options.

Set a budget and schedule for your ad You can either run the ad indefinitely or for a specific period of time using the Business Suite interface. Schedule to publish the ad after you confirm all of the settings.


Business Suite messaging ads are a great way to get in touch with your audience. Most of the time, you need to follow up with prospects to get them further through the funnel.

The bad news is that you haven't yet connected with these prospects. Following up with more information that is relevant to their interests is the next step.

The information you give in the messaging ad should be useful to your ideal customer. Most of the time, you won't want to use this space to give out information that's too basic.

You can make it easy for prospects to get the information. Basic information about your business can be provided automatically.

Click the Automations button if you want to start. Click the button if you want to create automation for either location or hours. When someone sends you a message about your business hours, the automations will respond so you don't have to change anything.


The only thing you have to do is write a response. Do you want to send prospects to your website or encourage them to take action after reading your response? You can invite prospects to take an action further down the funnel with interactive buttons in both automations.

These templates are only used in Messenger. You will need to set up separate automations or plan to respond manually if you want to target potential customers on the two popular social media sites. You have to build a custom template from scratch if you want to use Business Suite.

The prospects who respond to your ads may not be ready for the next step in their journey. You need to make sure you don't miss a conversion opportunity if you connect with prospects who are close to making a purchase.

You can set up automated replies in the business suite. When prospects inquire about costs or deals, you might want to let them know about your current offers.

From the Business Suite Inbox Automations tab, you can enter up to five words that you want to invoke the response. Write an automated message Similar to the contact information automation, there are links and buttons.


There are a number of different automations you can set up. This template only works with Messenger. If you want to respond to prospects in social media, build an automation or set up an automated response.

You can change your Business Suite automations to include certain words that your audience uses. If you assign messages to team members automatically, you won't miss an inquiry.

You can assign conversations from the business suite automations tab. You can choose your assignment preferences by selecting Messenger, or both. New messages can be assigned to random team members or to people who are most likely to respond quickly.


If you target the top or middle of the funnel, a lot of prospects will express initial interest in your messages. It is possible that you need a bottom-of-funnel campaign.

You can use Ads Manager to set up leads and sales campaigns. You can connect with people who have already messaged your business if you don't build a new audience.

If you want to create a custom audience at the ad set level, you can either use your Facebook page or yourInstagram account. Retargeting accounts that sent messages to your page is what you should do.


The Ads Manager will retarget people who have sent you a message in the last year. The retention period should be shortened if you want to zero in on people who participated in a recent ad campaign.

It is important to shift your advertising strategy as your target audience gravitates towards direct messages. By creating messaging ads directly in the Business Suite inbox, you can get paid campaigns up and running quickly and easily.

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