Patio privacy ideas – 10 ways to turn your outdoor living space into a private oasis

by Lindsey Francy Mar 26, 2023 News
Patio privacy ideas – 10 ways to turn your outdoor living space into a private oasis

Our patio's need to be as comfortable as possible because they are extensions of our living space. This makes them feel private so we can enjoy them without being watched by neighbors.

There are many ways to turn your patio into your own private paradise. Protection from rain or the midday sun is one of the benefits that most options offer. All can make your space look better.

10 ways to make your outdoor living space more private

For a better sense of relaxation, apply garden privacy ideas to your paved area.

1. Add a curtain to your pergola

outdoor seating area painted with Little Greene

The exterior paint of this space is 'Bone China Blue107'.

The image is from Little Green.

The Vice President of Design at Belgard suggests that a pergola can be used to add privacy to your patio.

Adding warmth to a patio can help with the design and allow you to use the space longer. The patterned example shown above adds flair and color to the area.

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Joe Raboine

2. Install a patio privacy screen

ornate screen at Morris & Co garden at Chelsea Flower Show

Ruth Willmott designed the garden for Morris and Co.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

Privacy screens can be used as part of a pergola or as a divider wall. Next Modular, a company that builds custom modular homes, says that they're an easy and attractive way to create a private Oasis.

A variety of materials can be used as a screen, including wood and vinyl lattice, pre- made panels, fabric screens, and more. They can be used to create a full wall along the perimeter of your patio or they can be used to divide the space.

Tom Monson saysBamboo screens can create a natural and inviting feel, while metal or plastic screens offer a more contemporary look. The ornate design shown above is part of a larger structure, but it would be beautiful as a separate screen in a smaller space.

Any illumination from within during the night will allow a patio's content to be visible again. He says that this is more private than a screen. He commented on the benefits of being able to look out from your patio and enjoy daytime privacy.

Most fabric and screen companies offer a black out and bug screen option. The screen is black You can't view and enjoy your yard at the same time because of your visual privacy. The fabric is only used on the most sun-facing side of the patio to block heat.

Joel Comino headshot

Dustin Konrad

3. Surround your patio seating with tall planters

balcony garden with planters and bistro set

The garden was designed byNicola Hale.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

Plants can be used to create a nice atmosphere on your patio. Tall hedges are an excellent choice, as they will help to block out noise and unwanted visitors while also providing a lush, green backdrop for your outdoors.

Shrubs, trees and vines are great choices if you want something more versatile. They can give you a balance of privacy and openness on your patio.

Don't forget about container gardening if you are working with a small space. Bamboos, ornamental grasses and lofty flowering Perennials can help to hide the view of the neighbors.

4. Increase audio privacy with a water feature

3-tier water feature

The water feature was part of a design by Sue Kent.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

Audio privacy in outdoor areas is one of the things that homeowners should consider.

Water features are a great way to drown out the noise of neighbors and have your own conversations. The water sounds can make you feel good.

The three-tiered design can be used to fill up a watering can and the surrounding gravel will absorb any spills.

5. Opt for a parasol

parasol and pizza oven on patio

The parasol matches the exterior paints 'Arras 316', 'Loft White 222', and 'Bone China Blue 107'.

The image is from Little Green.

If you want to provide a cool spot of shade from the midday sun, patio umbrellas are a great option. They're great for increasing the privacy on a patio in built up areas with upstairs neighbors' windows.

There are many designs to choose from, from bold and vibrant styles with fringes to more restrained options. You can adjust them easily to follow the sun if you opt for a cantilever design.

6. Use levels in your backyard's layout to create tucked-away patios

steps leading to raised patio

The garden steps and the wall are painted with the same color.

The image is from Little Green.

It's possible to design your backyard ideas in a way that includes tucked-away seating areas. If you're planning a big landscaping change, bear this in mind.

Sunken or raised levels, half walls, and curved walkways or steps can all be used to create such zones in your plot. Bring in lots of billowing borders and hedging plants to help define the patio.

7. Build a permanent structure to block the view from above

overhead shelter on patio with fireplace

The paints used in this scene are from LittleGreene.

The image is from Little Green.

If you don't have enough room for plants or screens, overhead covers can be used to create a private atmosphere. There are many styles of covers that can protect you from the elements.

Dappled light can fall onto the space while maintaining a sense of privacy, thanks to a structure like this. Protection from the elements is offered by retractable awnings and shelters.

8. Retreat to a garden building

garden building

The garden building is attractive and functional.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

You can install a garden room next to your patio. That way, you'll always have a calming retreat to escape to if you want to enjoy a little more privacy or shade, while looking out onto the rest of your yard. It can also be used to store pillows, outdoor games, and other accessories.

It's a good idea to paint or stain the exterior of your patio to make it look better. The dark-colored design is a great match for a modern backyard with its colorful tapestry of plants.

9. Divide your patio while upping privacy with shelving

garden shelving as divider

Sue Kent spotted this idea in a design.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

An alternative to a garden screen is this one. It divides a space and increases the sense of privacy, but it also doubles up as practical shelving for potted plants, which means you can bring more greenery into your patio with ease.

Some of the pots could be switched out to make the space look better. Some of the sections of the fire pit can be used to store logs.

10. Create a patio screen with a slatted fence

slatted fence with climbing plant

The climbing plant can be supported by a slatted fence.

The image was taken by Jacky Hobbs.

A garden fence is a classic option for marking the boundaries of a space, and a slatted version will allow plenty of light and air through, without sacrificing a sense of privacy.

Wooden designs can be painted in a variety of colors, from a modern gray to a chic white. Hanging lanterns or festoons can be used to support climbing plants.

Draping natural cloths and fabrics, like loose linen and cotton sheets, over your seating area can create a sheltered space with some much-needed privacy. It is affordable and can give your patio a pretty, oceanside feel.

In the summer, these natural fabrics will allow light to come through while also protecting against the sun's harmful rays.

Climbing plants can be very inexpensive and can be combined with a wooden trellis to create a beautiful botanical screen. jasmine has evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers and annual sweet peas are grown from seed.

Privacy is a must when it comes to enjoying your patio. Hopefully, you'll have the inspiration to create a hidden-away hub that will give you a sense of escape.