Etihad Airways appoints Emirati chef for Iftar meals

by Lindsey Francy Mar 26, 2023 News
Etihad Airways appoints Emirati chef for Iftar meals

Chef Khaled Alsaadi has been hired by the national airline of the U.S. to create popular dishes with contemporary cooking techniques and local ingredients.

The continued collaboration with Chef Khaled brings together hisculinary skills with a distinctive modern take on local dishes, working hand in hand with ourculinary design team. During the holy month, we hope our guests will enjoy this special menu. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests and encouraging everyone travelling with us to enjoy these specials.

The Iftar meals onboard will include Saffron curry crusted seabream, Lamb shank with black lime jus, Lentil soup, Chaami and aseed.

Guests will be able to recreate the inflight meals at home by scanning the QR codes at the bottom of the menu.

Guests will be able to eat on certain flights that coincide with iftar times. The flights include flights to and from the Gulf countries and flights for Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah during the month of Ramadan.

Chef Alsaadi was able to present modern Emirati dishes to international guests travelling on the national carrier. I wanted to bring the essence of Emirati cuisine to the travellers when they were here, so they could experience local flavours and leave a lasting impression.

The lounges at Abu Dhabi International Airport will feature a variety of food and drinks during the holy month.

Takeaway bags containing dates, a drink and a snack will be provided to travellers who break their fast before departure or just before landing.

The airline's inflight entertainment system, E-box, will be updated with a selection of Ramadan content in addition to recordings of the Holy Quran and the Mecca Qibla pointer.

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