'This is why I'm not worried I'll lose my job to an AI yet,' designer says

by Lindsey Francy Mar 26, 2023 News

Alex requested a picture of a woman in a garden eating a banana.

The results were described as the stuff of nightmares.

In all but one of the images, the woman appeared to have peeled the banana prior to eating it, and many of the model's hands and limbs were not straight.

The images contribute to Hawkhead's opinion that artificial intelligence is not threatening tech workers' jobs.

The new release is smarter with more image functions.

Many of the design skills she and her colleagues have spent years developing are now being mimicked by generative artificial intelligence.

Some examples include Galileo.ai, which allows users to create app pages based on simple text prompt, or a landing page that allows users to change their details.

All a user needs to do is type what they want in the box.

Waymark.com allows users to make artificial intelligence-generated adverts and video by pointing the machine to a company website, describing what they want the ad to focus on, and the tone they're after, and in seconds it makes an ad.

These images of a woman eating a banana in a garden were produced with the AI tool Jasper.
These images of a woman eating a banana in a garden were produced with the AI tool Jasper.

I'm not worried about it right now. During my career I've seen technology improve.

We haven't seen people worry that print would die out completely.

Tech workers could be hit the same way the industrial revolution hit manual workers according to Paul Duignan.

Tech workers have been protected from mechanisation in the past.

A written description of what the creator wanted can be used to produce theHTML code for a website.

He saw a demo where a guy drew a picture of a website on a piece of paper and it was written into code.

Make that into a website and it will work.

Tech workers with skills in artificial intelligence are in high demand.

They are going to be in high demand as people try to include artificial intelligence in their platforms.

According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report, in 2020 85 million jobs may be displaced by artificial intelligence, but another 97 million jobs may be created by the changes.

GhatGPT-4 scores better on law exams, and can tell you what to cook from a picture of your fridge, AI commentator Paul Duignan says.

According to the Economic Benefits of a Tech-Savvy Workforce report, just over half of employers in New Zealand said at least one emerging technology was likely to become a standard part of their day to day operations.

The report was done by Gallup.

Tiffany said she expected that percentage to increase as companies became more familiar with the technology.

According to the data from the International Data Corporation, global spending is predicted to surpass US$300 billion by the year 2020.

Alex Hawkhead used the AI Gahaku generator to create images of her, which replicates the styles of different artists.
Alex Hawkhead used the AI Gahaku generator to create images of her, which replicates the styles of different artists.

According to the report, the value of tech to the country's GDP was $7.3 billion.

When it came to engaging with the technology, New Zealand companies were far behind their counterparts in the US and Canada.

Two-thirds of those with a plan have just a two-year horizon, according to the report.

In addition to his work at a number of startups and the Ministry of Health, Hawkhead has also worked as a marketing designer, graphic designer and in user interface and user experience design.

She said Galileo.ai would often miss the mark because it appeared on the surface.

The tool will need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in user experience and user interface design to steer the tool, and adapt the generated design into something you'd actually be proud to build that reflects your company's values and brand.

She said that the tools could be used to remove boring or repetitive tasks.

The more advanced these tools are, the more likely they are to be used in everyday tool kits.

Notion was used by Hawkhead to generate to-do lists and content ideas.

The value for people who are short on time is something I can see.

She had tried out the built-in artificial intelligence feature of Ad Word.

This is one of the images Alex Hawkhead produced using Jasper
This is one of the images Alex Hawkhead produced using Jasper

The lack of real world context that computers don't have will continue to be an area where artificial intelligence falls down.

A product designer for a California-based social media company is from Wellington.

He has some of the biggest names in tech on his resume, includingAirbnb and Dropbox, and said that when the first artificial intelligence tools appeared, they caused some anxiety in creative circles.

As people pointed out that the tools could be used to make the design process more efficient, some of the anxiety had dissipated.

He said the tools could be a bigger concern to new grads, who may be more tempted to use the tools in lieu of employing designers.

Arlen McCluskey is a remote worker, working in Wellington for a US-based social media site.
Arlen McCluskey is a remote worker, working in Wellington for a US-based social media site.

It's possible that the most at-risk were illustrators, as companies might opt for cheaper options, and often decision-makers don't know the difference between an in-house illustrator and an artificial intelligence image.

The sad irony was that the tools would have been trained on millions of images, which may have been created by illustrators, who would have had no say in their work being used.

I worry that the copyright laws aren't keeping up with the times.

Lawmakers need to decide what type of stance they want to take before tools like these become entrenched and expand into other areas.

‘Buy human made’

When slogans like "buy New Zealand made" become "buy human made", it will be a time when humans become a branding point.

The world is going to be filled with artificial intelligence.

There are going to be a lot of books produced by Artificial Intelligence.

It could be on the front of the books.

Quicker government action required

He said the Government had to act quickly in response to the tools.

"Silicon Valley's motto is'move fast and break things', it's not the motto of government, which is more like'move at a moderate pace and don't break things'"

The revolution is good for all of us. Regulation is one of the areas.

It took regulators the best part of a decade to start to use social media.

He said that a ban wouldn't be possible but that rules could be created.

The government had to educate on impacts.

We need to have a discussion about the universal basic income if there are job losses.

People should ask the parties what their policy is on artificial intelligence at the election meetings.

He said that the Government was good at writing rules that were clear, concise and not easy to misinterpret.

Companies that think they can use artificial intelligence to cut costs should beware.

Your company is going to produce work that looks and feels terrible to the customer and people aren't going to want to engage with you or your company's work if you let the creative people on your team go.