This day in search marketing history: March 26

by Anna Munhin Mar 26, 2023 News
This day in search marketing history: March 26

More websites were enabled for mobile-first index in the year 2000.

This was the first time that a large number of websites had been moved to this process. In October of last year, we were told that a few sites had been moved over.

The websites that were migrated in this batches were notified of the change via a message on the search console.

You can read all about it in the article.

Also on this day

Now, analyze more accounts in Google Ads Report Editor

Advertisers would be able to run reports for up to 200 accounts in 2020.

The new contextual ad targeting works, study says

The study looks at how contextual relevance of ads affects consumers.

EU Android search choice screen’s impact delayed due to COVID-19

Engagement with the search choice screen had slowed due to stifled smartphone supply.

Small agencies brace for impact, but say remote work isn’t slowing them down

Changes to the client budget would have a negative effect on the businesses.

Businesses should limit, not disable, their sites during temporary closures, Google says

It will be more difficult to ramp back up if the search console data is lost.

Pinterest rolls out new commerce features for retailers as search volume climbs

The new Verified Merchant Program and new conversion reporting opportunities were included in the 2020 upgrade.

SEOs show mixed results following Google March 2019 core update

The data was not conclusive on any site impacted by the change.

Google to retire the info: command, adds canonical information to URL Inspection Tool

The new URL inspection tool gave users a lot of the data that the info command didn't, and that's why they retired it.

Google Ads Keyword Planner gets new (and old) features

Adding more terms to your ideas will increase your chances of success.

Google adds vacation rentals to Hotel Search

Increased competition between hotels and vacation rentals could result in increased visibility for rental providers.

Europeans again raise the specter of breaking up Google

It was not likely to happen.

Bing begins removing sidebar text ads on desktop

Text ads would only be shown at the top and bottom of search results pages in the US.

Bing ‘intelligent search’ capabilities continue to expand, include facts from multiple sources

Bing shared more information about the platform it built.

Google Testing Removing Line Separator Between Search Ads & Organic Search Results

The divider between the ads and free listings was being removed. Is it possible that it would lead to more confusion?

Google News Ranking Won’t Be Impacted By The New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

If a publisher was mobile-friendly, the ranking of the news would not be taken into account.

Google Expands Product Rating Stars In Google Shopping Ads To UK, France, Germany

Product listing ads had star ratings for certain products.

WSJ Report Suggests Intervention In FTC’s Google Investigation By White House

The agency made a decision in the antitrust case because of lobbying.

Report: Mobile Search Queries 29% Of Total But Growth Modest

The search query percentages did not line up with the trends.

Google Says Don’t Delete Your Disavow File Prior To Uploading A New One

The new one should be uploaded to replace the old one.

New AdWords For Video Reporting Now Rolling Out In Google Analytics

Advertisers were given more insight into the performance of their True View ads in the video campaigns report in the year 2014,

How A Single Guest Post May Have Gotten An Entire Site Penalized By Google

Another case of the internet giant failing to give more examples of penalties.

Bing Ads Launches Product Ads In U.S., Mobile Version Now In Beta

After a long time of testing.

Microsoft “Research” Discovers The Obvious In Renewed Anti-Trust Attack On Google

There were different links to its own vertical search results. So did Bing.

Google Gets Trademark Reprieve In Sweden Over Definition Of ‘Ungoogleable’

In Sweden, the word "ungoogleable" wouldn't be an official word. Mobile Voice Search Not Very “Natural”

It fell short of expectations.

Google Eliminates Another Link Network, – Just One Of Several?

According to, an overwhelming majority of their network was deindexed by the search engine giant.

In Japan, Google Ordered To Remove Some Autocomplete Suggestions

A man who lost his job several years ago was rejected for a new job due to the suggestions made by the internet search engine.

Report: 25% Of Paid-Search Clicks Will Come From Mobile By December

By December 2012 Marin estimated that 23% of the US paid search spend would come from mobile.

Rumor: Apple To Add Baidu To iPhone Search Options

China's most popular search engine was not included in the default options.

Survey: 87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri Monthly

More than one third of the owners of the 4S used the virtual assistant.

UBL And Yext Join Forces To Offer More Complete Local Data Syndication

It was convenient for local marketers to choose between Yext and UBL.

Google Fights “Pogostick Searchers” With New “Get More” Option

When a person returned to the search results page, there were links to get more.

Does CEO Coffee Summit Equal Détente For Apple, Google?

Was this meeting a sign that both sides were interested in healing?

Facebook Nabs Google’s David Fischer & Google Nabs Oracle’s Amit Singh

The VP of advertising and global operations would be named in 2010.

Google Pushing Hard(er) To Get Webmaster Products Adopted

The Access Provider Program for the Webmaster Tools was renamed in order to include more services.

Google To Cut 200 Sales & Marketing Staffers

The affected employees would be given time to find new jobs and/or find another job. Shows Display Ads On Home Page

In 2009, had display ads on their home page.

Long Time Yahoo Search Scientist Jan Pedersen Joins Microsoft

He was one of a number of ex-Yahoos to work for Microsoft.

Yahoo Not Focused On MSFT Sale, Rather On Mobile & 141 Home Page Variations

In order to get users to stick around for longer, Yahoo tested 141 different versions of the home page.

Yahoo – But Not Yahoo Search – Headed To TV

Yahoo didn't include a Yahoo search box in the first iteration of the YWE.

What Israeli SEMs Want

To see Yahoo and Microsoft open offices in Israel.

Google AdWords Video Ads Now Live & In the Wild

The ads were being tested by the two companies.

Google Founders Take $1 Salaries Again; Tell Investors To Say No On Anti-Censorship Proposal

Larry Page and Sergey Brin renewed their contracts for $1 a year.

Report: Microsoft To Up Bid For Yahoo To $34 Per Share

It could have made Yahoo's shareholders happy and put more pressure on the company to negotiate with Microsoft.

Google Continues Testing Navigational Link Placement

There have been more reports of the search engine experimenting with more navigation link placement ideas.

Google Gives Seminar On Google for Politics

There was a show about how to use adwords. They talked about how the internet can affect an election.

Logo Bomb: Google Maps Returns Anti-Microsoft Logo For Microsoft Listing

How it happened is explained here.

Yahoo Removes Directory Links From Individual Search Results

The individual search listings were taken out of the Yahoo Directory because they were too cluttered.

Yahoo Releases Greatly Simplified “SiteBuilder” Tool

Yahoo created a starter tool that was easy to use and had enough design options to make it viable and interesting.

Travelocity: Non-Branded Terms Convert Nearly 25% But “Assists” Might Be Less Than Assumed

20% of Travelocity's bookings were non- branded. 4% of those who bought a branded term received an assist or click after someone made an earlier visit via a non- branded term.

Rebranded Canadian Local Search Site ZipLocal Launches

A number of earlier local search sites, including and, were consolidated into Zip Local. Link Command Currently Offline

It had been offline for a long time. Launches PPC On UK Directory Site launched pay per click ads on its site as well as targeted banner inventory.

No SEO Bull: Calacanis Challenge Sees Traffic Rise 21%

Neil Patel used a "white hat" recommendation in order to increase search traffic.

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