His lesson in local marketing

by Lindsey Francy Mar 25, 2023 News
His lesson in local marketing
  • There is a controversy with a teacher that a mother describes on the internet. The teacher told the mother to stop packing lunches that were offensive. Other people weighed in.

  • Two students were charged with assault and disorderly conduct after they got aggressive toward a teacher.

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  • Students are throwing punches as their teacher watches from her desk.

  • Two employees of a Virginia county school district have been arrested and charged with inappropriate contact with students.

  • A Native American family in North Carolina is fighting against a charter school that wants their child to get his hair cut. A boy wearing his hair in a bun or braids is now considered to beaddish by the school system. The Waccamaw-Siowan Tribe is a state-recognized tribe in North Carolina.

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  • The governor said she won't tolerate school districts that promote race theory.

  • Students who are part of the centennial cluster could be moved to Washington High School.

  • The lawyers for the teacher and the school board told the judge that they had reached a settlement.

  • Now is the best time to buy this Premium Smartwatch because it was just named the best Smartwatch of the year.

  • The policy of educational control regarding American racism at the University of Florida is in danger of losing experienced and notable faculty.

  • At a time of anticipated growth, attacking education and diversity is not a good idea.

  • "We will not allow members of our community to be targeted because of their race or religion," she said.

  • The problem is larger than you might think.

  • The song "paradise where we're free to be exactly who we are" was not allowed to be sung by first graders.

  • The president of the Cabarrus County NAACP said that too often a white majority has taken institutions away. They don't change their own.

  • Bomb threats disrupted student learning two times in a week because of a book.

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  • Hope said she was asked to resign because she didn't inform parents of a lesson about the statue.

  • Third graders who fail a reading test must be held back. Striking retention requirement was called a punishment by proponents.

  • The governing board heard complaints after sixth- graders were shown classical sculpture.

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  • Thanks to new guidelines, the process for student loan borrowers to have their loans discharged might be simpler. Do you know?

  • Five or six or seven years ago, we wouldn't have believed this.

  • Technology companies and policymakers warned of a "digital divide" in which poor children could fall behind their wealthier peers without equal access to technology. The gap has been narrowed due to internet access and ownership of mobile devices. Poor children and adolescents are less likely to participate in sports and fitness activities than their more well-off peers. You can call.