Canadian Category Leader Blender Bites Announces Actress and Entrepreneur Julianne Hough as Brand Partner and Shareholder Ahead of USA Expansion

by Jacob Solomon Mar 25, 2023 News
Canadian Category Leader Blender Bites Announces Actress and Entrepreneur Julianne Hough as Brand Partner and Shareholder Ahead of USA Expansion

The Company is based in British Columbia and has an award winning line of bites.

In addition to being involved in the strategic marketing of the Company's products, he will be involved in the creation and development of a new product innovation, as well as an official product launch of the new collaboration.

The goal is to increase brand awareness across Canada and the United States by marketing the Company's first to-market smoothie innovations, as well as its recently unveiled 1-Step Frappe.

I am very excited to be joining the team at blender bites. I am excited to be taking on this larger role within the company and am a huge fan of the brand. Their goal of creating a clean, sustainable product without compromising nutrition and convenience is something that meshes with my own lifestyle and routine. Whether I am about to take on my next workout or in the middle of a busy morning, their smoothie innovations make me feel better. I want to create with this team and bring this product to the US as I expand my entrepreneurial footprint.

With the Company entering one of the biggest smoothie and functional food markets on the planet, the company is looking to establish itself with Julianne as a shareholder. To meet the next generation of consumers, the brand will need strategic counsel and creative insight on product development.

I couldn't be more excited to have her on the team as a partner and shareholder. Jules has the perfect platform for us to market the product to all of Canada and the US because the Company has done an incredible job working with our broker team to line up multiple large US retail opportunities. Jules is more than an entertainer, she is also anentrepreneur, and I'm excited to work with her on bringing this brand to new heights.

Ms. Hough will work with the Company in the marketing and advertising of products for a period of twelve months. Ms. Hough is entitled to receive cash compensation in two parts over the course of six months, as well as 307,000 common shares of the Company. The Company has agreed to grant Ms. Hough 80,000 incentive stock options, and 20,000 restricted share units, the exercise terms and vest conditions of which will be decided at the time of grant. Resale of the Consideration Shares will be restricted for a period of four months and one day.

JULIANNE HOUGH has something to say about it.

Her success in film, television, music, and most recently, the Broadway stage, has made her known to audiences around the world. She made her Broadway debut in the Tony-nominated, uproarious political farce, POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive, playing the role ofDusty. She was the host of the 75th Tony Awards: Act One. She became a household name as a two-time champion on ABC's top-rated Dancing with the Stars, which she is set to host the upcoming Season 32 in 2023, as well as becoming an award-winning recording artist. Her acting credits include Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel. She is the founder of Canary House productions, which cultivates stories of transformation, self-discovery, and identity, as well as KINRGY, the only trauma-informed dance fitness & energy healing method backed by neuroscience and evidence based research. He is also a co-owner of Fresh vine Wine, a collection of naturally low-carb and low- calories wines.

There is a description of Bleeding Breeds.

A multi award winning Canadian company is involved in the development and marketing of a line of frozen food products. A pre-portioned 1-Step Smoothie product that includes functional ingredients, a blend of whole food vitamins and minerals and various organic greens was the first product to be sold by the company. They are free of any unnecessary inner plastic packaging. 1-Step Frappe with half the sugar of the leading Frappe and functional ingredients such as adaptogenic mushrooms and probiotics are set to launch in the Spring of 2023 in Canada and the USA. Blender Bites products are currently distributed throughout North America in both retail and club store channels.

There is a company called Blender Bites limited.

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