Best houseplants for central heating: Radiators can 'stunt the growth' of some plants

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 25, 2023 News
Best houseplants for central heating: Radiators can

Britons are looking to add a splash of colour to their homes. Adding plants to their interiors will add a touch of nature as well as a bright green colour.

With temperatures remaining on the low side for the time of year, it's likely that plants will be fighting the elements inside.

Central heating can lead to the air in homes being too dry, which is not good for tropical plants.

BestHeating and Jo Lambell, founder of Beards & Daisies, have collaborated to keep homes bright and filled with plants.

The experts shared how to care for the plants and which ones to keep indoors.

White towels with a cupboard solution are a good way to revive them.

houseplants near radiators woman watering

Houseplants that are 'tolerant' to radiators - heating can 'stunt growth' of some plants (Image: GETTY)

It can be difficult to find plants that can grow near a heating source. Plants like heat but don't like it when it's cold.

It is important to find plants that are brave enough to handle the warmth of a nearby radiators because the dry heat from them can stunt the growth and even brown the tips of some plants.

It's important to be careful not to leave plants too close to heat sources.

Money plants, the rubber plant, the sago palm, the snake plant, umbrella trees, the yucca plant and the stylish ZZ plant are all more tolerant of a warm radiators.

Indoor plant watering tips

Indoor plant watering tips (Image: EXPRESS)

Dropping leaves or the tips of leaves starting to brown can be signs of neglect.

John Lawless, content marketing manager at BestHeating said, "We all love having houseplants to liven up the house for spring, but many of us struggle to keep the plants alive."

It is important to make sure that your plants are protected, that they are getting the requirements needed to thrive, and that you don't neglect them.